Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Best Christmas present EVER!!!!!!

You wait your entire life to hear the words, "Will you marry me?" And last night that wait came to an end! After 4 years and 2 months, Justin popped the question. I'm telling you it could not have been more perfect.
Let me tell you the story.....
We had plans to go to "Historic Downtown" to enjoy the Christmas festivities. We stumbled upon this little treat last season and I have been begging to go back sense then. I am really passionate about cute, little, festive places you can make memories. This year we invited our best couple friends...The Gray's and the Stewarts. We LOVE these couples. They are in our small group and we share so many memories with was perfect that they were involved. Also, my sister Jill and Vicki were in downtown. We saw them before the big moment and they rushed back over right after. I was excited they were also there to be apart of this exciting evening!

This little street town is blocked off around the historic area and have a HUGE tree they light up, all the little shops are open, Santa and Mrs. Claus are there, and they have horse and caraige rides up and down the street. Screams charming right? Here are the pictures....
The was packed earlier....we closed the place down!
Anna's Pizzaria, where we had dinner!!Justin getting down on one knee.....We were supposed to be taking a family picture and I thought he was tieing his shoe. :)
**airhead** Him showing me the ring and popping the question....I am finally figuring out what is happening!!
It's true, I said YES!!! Are you shocked?

Hey Hey, I like the look of that! ;)I am THAT girl putting my hand on his chest....:)I think I was talking to my parents, I am clearly very happy!My ring! Justin told his uncle exactly what he wanted and his uncle made it. He is very talented!! It is so strange getting use to having a ring on your hand, but I think I'll survive!! ;)

YAY! We are engaged. I think this is my most favorite picture! He seems so relieved!

Thank you everyone for keeping secrets and pulling off a great evening!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Casting Crowns

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to go to a Casting Crowns concert. I have been a huge fan of their music for sometime and it has been years since I have seen a Christian band in DC Talk long time. ;)
I went to the concert with Justin's boss's wife and three girls......they are such good fun people! I love hanging out with these girls! The guys were working and totally missed out.
It was so amazing to see so many people come together for worship.....not only are they gathered, but they paid $$$ to be there. It gave me a little sense of hope......that there are still people longing to worship!!

If you get a chance to see Casting Crowns, go see them, you will be so glad you did. And between them and Kelly over at Kelly's Korner....I am looking to adopt 24 children from Compassion International. They support a great ministry and I hope to one day be apart of it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Boyfriend!!

Today is Justin's (Often referred to as "Boyfriend") 29th Birthday. That number seems old, but I spend time with him every day and it seems like he should be 17.

The past few years Justin's birthday has been hit or miss with of us is usually traveling because of the holidays and we have to celebrate early or never and both are just over rated. BUT....this year.....we get to spend 5 entire days together at the BEACH! OMG-right? We could not be more excited or more ready for rest and relaxation. Be looking for a blog about our trip!

You know I love I am going to list why I love Justin....
  1. He makes me laugh everyday. I think if we had a hidden camera on us....most people would think we were childish, yet really really funny.
  2. He totally takes care of me. Big things or small things....he is always willing to help.
  3. He is not a worrier. I on the other hand sweat worry. It is really nice to have a level headed thinker in our home. Otherwise we would be in shambles.
  4. He likes and is a great cook. I struggle with this from time to time. I mess up the simplest dinners....and he just laughs, wipes my tears, and fixes and finishes what I have messed up.
  5. He is the hardest worker I know. His work is never complete, he could always work longer or harder to get to where he wants to be. This often annoys me, but deep.....I mean DEEP down...I am grateful that he has goals and that he is willing to work himself tired to get where he wants to be. I know one day all his hard work will pay off. I hope we can start with a winning 2010 season. :)
  6. He loves Jesus. I always wanted to be in a relationship and marry a Godly man. Justin is that person. He is encouraging, and supportive and often challenging my walk with Christ. I can honestly saw he is a Godly leader and I am glad he is leading our home.
  7. He is a giver not a taker. He would honestly rather me have something that I want or think that I need before he gets anything! He has a HUGE heart....and I hope it rubs off on me.
  8. He loves me when I am not so lovable. (I know some of you are shocked, that I can be...not so lovable) I can be mean, and hateful, and sometimes just hard to deal with....BUT he doesn't hold it against me....which really plays in my favor. :)
  9. He is very intentional about communicating. It often gets on my ever lasting nerves, but once things are out on the table, I am SO glad he MADE me talk to him. It always turns out better after we have talked.
  10. He has a shoe fetish too and I'll never have to worry about buying a pair of shoes and him being upset. :)

With all of those things said....I think I'll keep him. :)

I love you and I hope you have a Happy 29th Birthday!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Patch of Pumpkins...

**I thought I better get this post up BEFORE it is Christmas. Welcome to procrastination station...
A few weeks ago Boyfriend and I loaded up after church and went to the pumpkin patch. I have this passion for traditions and making new memories and I hope this is something we can continue to do. I know this wasn't something that was on his top 5 list for the weekend. But he took the planning into his hands and made it happen....and for that I was pleased. As a fellow blogger, I'm sure you understand my need for "documentation". I often ask random strangers to take our pictures and don't really feel awkward about it....its for the good of our blog. :) We went to a precious place that gave you a hayride and then let you pick a pumpkin for FREE. Let's be honest you paid for the in theory you paid for the pumpkin...but it sounded like a good deal. Take a look at our fun day....

Us gearing up for a WILD and CRAZY hayride.....(with all the children)
Meet Elsie the cow....We milked her.
You could really MILK her....Super cool thing for kids. I was fascinated!

This set up had "Kodak Moment" written ALLLLL over it.....

Here is Lucy with the my perfect pumpkin! Justin said she wouldn't sit for a picture...but I showed him. ;) ;)

I hope you are having a fabulous FALL! One fake holiday on to the real ones!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy-o!!!

Today is a very special day for a very special man in my life....MY DADDY!

I think every girl says this, but I really do have the best Dad. He is a true trooper. From day one he has been out numbered. He married my mom and got more than just 1 girl, he got three. Dad is a soft spirit.....when we are yelling, crying, and bickering like a bunch of crazy women....he softly says..."girls".......and we ALL know Dad means he has had enough. It is funny to me that he says 1 word and we get it.

I feel like my dad sacrifices so much for me! I'll give you an example of what I mean. I remember my freshman year of college. My parents were making a trip to my school to get my voting registration papers. My mom called and asked me to come downstairs. I selfishly asked her to come up because my toilet was clogged in my dorm. So she ran up stairs and rushed me back down. I walked outside the dorm and there my Dad was leaning up against a silver Lexus IS300....AKA the car of my dreams. He was so proud and I was so excited. My Dad makes sure everyone else is driving a nice dependable car and takes what is left. A few weeks ago he repainted his "P.O.S." to make it look a little more presentable......just goes to show he puts his family first.

I love to call my Dad and just check in on him. I'm usually calling him to apologize for being a demanding little toot when I was younger. I didn't realize how hard my parents worked to provide all the essentials not to mention all the EXTRAS!!! Now that I am a working girl, it has opened up a new appreciation for all those extras they tried to provide. I also thank him for not beating me between the ages of 14-17....I was HATEFUL and he loved me anyways. :)

I think my Dad has taught me SO many things and I have SO many memories surrounding him. I don't know about you....but I have a smell for people. My smell for my Dad is Red Man chew and body filler. HA I know that is so random....but if I every see those two things I stop and sniff them....they always take me back to my Pops.

Dad, I hope your boss gave you the day off and I hope your favorite guys at Las Palmas gave you a discount because I know you paid for your own dinner!!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My shout out to Giada...

How many of you out there heart the Food Network Channel?
Pick me, I do!

We often find our self watching the FNC and have our favorites! Giada De Laurentiis happens to be one our OUR favorites.

I think Justin and I like her for different reasons. I like her because she is a really easy to watch and is good at explaining the steps to easy recipes that I will one day try.

Justin on the other hand has a "crush" and it is CLEAR why. She is beautiful! Great eyes, BEAUTIFUL smile, great hair...oh and boobs....that ARE ALWAYS hanging out of her shirt and dangling over the boiling pasta.

Don't act like you haven't notice girls! We have all noticed. If she is on the TV and Justin is home I change the channel. I really like the show....but FOR THE LOVE are the only woman I know that has cleavage in an apron!

I realize WHY she is made to wear such things, but I hope she realizes that we want to watch her because she is talented and I hope she realizes that people are skipping over that beautiful face and smile and are focusing on that rack and I don't mean of lamb. ;) ;)

Continuation of my trip home: Pumpkin Patch

We couldn't have picked a colder day....but we made the most of our day at the pumpkin patch. One of my fondest memories is of my mom dressing me up and taking me to the pumpkin patch. So while I was home I wanted to take my nephews to the pumpkin patch at Family Farm...or AKA Fantasy Farm. (they had a name change a few years back) Last year the farm decided to be open for the fall. They have hayrides around the farm, a HUGE tepee where Mrs. May often tells stories of our heritage, they have a "Hay Play" with an enormous slide, and don't forget a large patch of pumpkins! Dawson had plans, but Chase was down for being the only we ventured out for some fun!
LeAnn, Mom, and Dv on the hayride CB and I all cuddled up on the hayride!

A few pictures of the farm...

This is a picture of the brand NEW building at FF. They are open to weddings, receptions, family reunions, birthday name it!!! It is a HUGE place with a fantastic view. If you are in need, let me know I'll get you in touch with the right people. :)

GROUP SHOT!!! (Yes I am in a dress at camp. I came straight from homecoming!)

CB and a camp cat.

And THIS my friends is "Momma May". She is the lady that runs this place. She has been my teacher, boss, and friend. I had a cold that day and before my mom got there Mrs. May had made me chicken noodle soup and had given me meds. She is a mother at heart and a true woman of God. She will just call me and tell me that I have been on her heart and that she has been praying for me. It is always at the perfect time. God has given her a gift. She is a true "prayer warrior". If she says, "I'm praying for you".....she REALLY is.

It was so special to be back at camp! I am a camper at heart! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The to do list while being in AR....

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to make a trip home. It is something that I have been wanting to do and October was my lucky month. Before ever stepping on the plane my weekend was planned from the moment I landed until the very lest hour! I am a planner and planning is a MUST on a trip like this because it doesn't happen often and there are SO many things you want to fit in.

My first priority was to head straight to the dress shop and try on my bridesmaid's dress for Al's wedding in December. The place does free alterations and I needed not a one, but it was nice to have it out of the way. I am so glad that Bug and I got to do this together. We also decided that we needed one SERIOUS tan before December. We were like....EWWWW white. No worries, that's an easy fix.
Another fun thing I got to this while being at home was watch my nephews play ball. They are getting to the age where they are really getting good! (if I do say so myself HAHA)Dawson is currently playing soccer. A sport I never played (after watching I realized it is because they run too much). He did awesome. He scored the only two goals of the game. Chase has taken up flag football and man is he good. He gets so focused and has quick little feet. This is his first year to play and I would say he is on the VARSITY team. ;)

You can not visit home without visiting the salon! I have the best place. Maybe because all the girls I went to school or church with. HA It is like a big reunion when getting my hair done. April is a long time friend and now my hair stylist. CRAZY, but hey I would rather give a friend my money than a stranger. Plus we get to chat and catch up while she makes me beautiful.

Dress fitting, Ball games, and Hair were the first three things on the agenda but that only is the beginning! Check back shortly to see what else I did while I was home!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Week!!

Happy Birthday week Jill and Vicki!!!!!!!!
Here is a little back ground. Jill left for school after high school and stayed away for 10 years while she got all three of her degrees. I'll brag on her a little because she worked really hard and finished with her PhD. She always had that as a goal and did whatever she had to do to get there. While finishing at the UofA she met Vicki. Whoop!Whoop!They eventually moved to North Carolina after Jill graduated and have been here for two almost three years now. I find it very cool and that out of allllllll 50 states that I ended up in NC too and only a few minutes away from the two of them. They are the best. I have mentioned it before, but they are always watching out for me, inviting me to fun things, and don't invade my space all at the same time. :)
Over the last year we have gotten to do a lot of fun things....often times I am camera-less. :( We got to experience Beer Fest, kayaking on the lake and bird watching, talks around the fire, geocaching, many dinners, Pride, dog shows, concerts, the beach trip, and many other things that I am forgetting......but they were all a blast and things I may not have thought to do!!! I have a list a mile long of things I want them to expose me to: camping/hiking, white water rafting (I have been, but I want to go with them), and BINGO night.Us at the Willie Nelson, John Mellancamp, Bob Dylan concert

Group Shot....This is the usual crew.....I heart them...even Marble and Big White Dog.

Jill and I then...... ........and now!!

GOAL: to step up our individual picture taking, and do a better job of documenting our time together!!!!!! Looks like we should go to BINGO I can get started

I really am glad the two of you live near me. After 1o years of Jill being gone, it is so nice to get to do some fun sisterly things together. I hope the two of you had great birthdays....and continue to celebrate on your wilderness adventure this weekend! I love you!!

10 Honest Things About Me...

A few of my friends have done this little honest post and while I am experiencing a little blogging lull, thought I would give it a shot.

1. When pumping my gas it is a must that I land on a complete dollar amount. For example : $##.00. The .00 is crucial. I would prefer the big number to be a multiple of 10. But on a bad day I'll settle for a multiple of 5. Nothing erks me more than $40.01. I have flooded my tank trying to make it to $50.00. Seriously, this ruins my mood and sometimes my day.

2. I have never done any coloring on my hair. I'm allll natural people. HA Sometimes I think about doing a little something to freshen up my look...but to be honest I'm too cheap to keep up with a hair color....and it is something I am proud of.

3. In every bathroom except my own....I rip off the end of the toilet paper and toss it in the toilet or trash....then go about my business. That may be a little TMI....but you NEVER know whose hands were on that roll before yours....and to think you are about to put those germs on your body. EEEEW. Think about it next time you are in the stall....I bet you consider the same.

4. I don't like to read aloud. It isn't because I can't...I just prefer not to. To be as out going as I am...this is strange I realize. I think people are drawn to call on me because they think I won't mind....but NO. I have even been kicked out of a college class for saying "I would rather not." I thought I was being polite but my professor thought otherwise. It is nothing personal, I just don't wanna do it.

5. I LOVE Special K with Strawberries. You think I am kidding, but I could eat it for every meal and be so happy. I recently had a friend tell me about the off brand. I was very skeptical at first...I'm not a fan of most off brand cereal....but I gave it a shot....and I am an even bigger fan. It taste the same and it was cheaper. WOORAH!!

6. I HATE the second half of doing laundry. Folding is for the freaking birds. I love sorting laundry, tossing it in the wash then to the dryer....but then the dreaded buzzer goes is like I become the laziest human on the planet....I would rather do ANYTHING than fold the laundry. If you have tips to help me get over this, please share. Blah!!

7. When I fly I give God a little shout out! Nothing too major....Just a "Hey Big Guy, could you keep me safe while I'm floating in the sky at 3000 feet?" So if you and I ever fly together...if my eyes are closed during take off...please don't bother and Jesus are having a heart to heart. :)

8. Mine and Justin's show together is The West Wing. We have every season!!! The West Wing NEVER fails us. When we didn't have cable, we had The West Wing. When a storm comes and the cable goes out, we have The West Wing. When there is nothing on TV, you guessed it....WE HAVE THE WEST WING!! I think if Martin Sheen ran for president, I would vote for him.

9. The people who deal with me on a daily basis know this, the rest of you may not. I am the most indecisive person around. Decisions stress me out!! It drives Justin NUTS! I tell him he should be thankful that I'm not overly demanding and that when I have an opinion he will be made aware. ;)

10. I could live in jeans, flip flops, an E t shirt, zero make up, and sporting a side pony. THAT is perfect day in my book. :)

Whew...this was almost therapeutic! I hope you will take the time to share 10 honest things about yourself.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me....I turned 23!

I turned 23 last week. It was a great birthday! I must thank many of YOU for making it great! I received cards, gifts, flowers, dinners, cake, dinners, love, a trip, calls, text and any other form of social media you can imagine. I truly am blessed with the very best friends and family on the planet. Take a look at some of the things I got in the mail....Thank you for all the love. It means SO much!

Jill and Vickie hosted a fine dinner party for me. Complete with Robin and D, and my favorite "yellow dinner". Yellow dinner includes: mac and cheese (the blue box), fish sticks, Jiffy corn bread, creamed corn and yellow cake with chocolate icing (out of the box). I promise Jill offered to make ANYTHING I wanted or to even go out....but this is what I wanted. It reminds me of my childhood and it NEVER gets old. The evening could not have been any better. Thanks girls for making my real birthday dinner perfect!
The weekend after my birthday we joined our friends Julianne and Andy in CHARLESTON, SC! It is SUCH a fun place. Justin and I called it our "weekend getaway". We picked this place to celebrate my birthday together! Justin got us a really nice hotel room. I was so excited to see the room. Check out our views....
Our view to the left.....Beautiful right???
Aaaaand our view to the right.....
SERIOUSLY? A BASEBALL FIELD? Let me tell you how this went. Just flung open the curtains to see our view and was like..."come look at this!!" So I run over and THIS is what I see. He REALLY wanted to go to the game...or at the very least see the score board...but I'm pretty sure he got the hint that I didn't think that was a very good idea. ;)
We got allll dressed up and headed for appetizers with friends and then out to a local place. This place was too cool. It had tables on the top of this building complete with lights and music, running water and a view to absolutely kill!!!! We loved it so much we stayed for dinner and the remainder of the evening!!
Me and Boyfriend :) Thank you for this wonderful trip, you are the best!
Julianne, Andy, me and Justin. We are SO glad they are back!!!!!! This was also a celebration of Andy's homecoming from Afghanistan and Julianne's visit to Washington. YAY for togetherness!Look who we ran into....Huck!!!! I knew she was in town, so we text back and forth about our plans. We were headed to the same place. How strange is it that we are in South Carolina and we see each other. I loved it. It is always nice to see a familiar face and friend! We took this picture to make our cousins jealous. We miss you KB and Rebecca!!!!
You would think this is MORE than one girl could handle for one birthday. But one week late Julianne and Autumn were set on taking me out! We picked an Indian restaurant in town and totally stuffed ourselves. HA Which made for the perfect girls night. We talked about allllll kinds of things....and it was perfect. Thank you girls for being willing to take me out. You both are precious friends!!! (3 bloggers and no camera....we stink)

I'm telling you it was an AMAZING birthday. I expected nothing and got all of this. :)

I am one lucky girl!!! Thank you again!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Welcome Visitors....

A few weeks back Justin's sister Jen planned a last minute vacation before the kids went back to school. I was so pumped to hear they had decided to come to North Carolina! They went to the Biltmore House before making it to our house....all 6 of them. If you remember, Jen brought Stephanie and Peter back in March, but Greg, Abigail and Gretchen got left at home. We were excited to have the entire family here at once and Peter was excited about showing everyone around our house. :)
We did a few fun things while they were here. One of which was a baseball game and the other was visiting the local ice cream shop that has HOMEMADE ice cream and FREE testers. (AMAZING!!) Take a look at some of the pictures I got of the kids.

Stephanie's food pictures. She is the most fascinating little girl! She is the littlest thing and has the appetite of a 12 year old. I mean really, look at that grilled is as big as she is.

Peter at the game. Peter fits in with his Uncle Justin and Grandfather when it comes to baseball. He really seemed to enjoy himself at the game...but could you not with that view??

Stephanie, Gretchen, and Abigail at the game!!

Group shot at Sunni Sky's on the swing.

Another group shot by the giant ice cream trashcan. Please look at Peter!!!! He did this with NO coaching. I thought it was hilarious.

I think it was a pretty successful visit. We had good family time, adult time, fun time and all went well. We love having guests, especially family!

Thanks for coming to visit us Wanings! We can't wait to see you in a few months. :)