Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wedding Update

100 days until the big day!
Can you believe it?
Because it is 100 days away I have some time, but I still have a number of things I need to decide on and purchase. I would love to hear about what YOU did or what you wish you had done differently.
1. Did you where heals or flats?
I need to decide this because of having my dress fitted Saturday. That's soon, so help
2. Did you wear your hair up or down? Did you have something in it like a flower or a broach?
Decisions! Decisions!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And the winner is.....

I apologize for going MIA for the past week. I had four days of events-they were a crazy few days and I am so relieved they went well and I can breathe a little. So, I hope you didn't give up on me and you are ready to hear who the winner is!!
Rachel Bell over at Dinner Bells is the winner! She did the cutest blog to promote the giveaway. Her pup Jack did a little video, it's hilarious, it's a must see. She is doing some really neat things over on her blog, so make sure and stop by and congratulate her!

I almost feel bad letting Rachel win. She is a good friend, but believe me....she won fair and square. She had 6 entries and I let Justin draw because I had SO many people I know enter to win. I wanted to make sure I did this giveaway thing right. :) (Scouts Honor)

Rachel and Mr. Jack Bell

Thursday, April 15, 2010


If you haven't heard of CSN Stores by now, then you've been missing out! You will find a great selection of products ranging from entertainment centers, baby goodness, barbecue grills, pet paraphernalia and so much more! I was pretty amazed with how much you can buy and the quality of items that are available while you shop from the comfort of your own home. I had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to share with you. But I think I have found the perfect thing. I defiantly am jealous. How many of you have a bag of dog food stored away....its something you have to drag out once or twice day just to feed the pup. You may have it out of a bag...but stored in a plastic container....It is safe to say....whatever you are storing your puppies food in, it is not as cute as these Dog Food Storage Cans. I love them! They seem so practical, simple, and so much cuter than what I have going on.
How to win...
You must do 3 simple things.....
1. become a follower of my blog. (2 entries)
2. write a post about this giveaway on your blog-directing your readers back to me
(3 entries)
3. leave a comment saying hello and that you're a new follower!! (1 entries)

***If you are not a blogger you can still participate by leaving a comment and following***

Lucy and I wish you luck!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Exciting news is right.... I am going to be hosting my FIRST giveaway!!!

Who doesn't love FREE things? Especially cute free things!!

Check back tomorrow to see what it is.

Remember you do not have to be a blogger to win. So those of you lurking make sure to come back tomorrow and show your face!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Tradition Continues

It was a great Easter at our house. To refresh your memory last years Easter post I went into full detail about the tradition of the bunny cake. Again, it was something my Memaw Maxine started and something I refuse to let go. This year I could NOT find all of the supplies, but I have a bunny in green grass, and I feel accomplished. I know one day I will have children who look forward to this tradition with me. Until then...I'll enjoy making the bunny cake and remembering all the special memories it has for me.

And this is a dead bunny, and a traumatized child. Lovely.

Happy Easter!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This may be one of those things...

I realize this may just be one of those things that may only be funny to Justin and I. However, I think it is worth sharing. Who knows, you may just laugh.

The following video makes us laugh. We often watch it and quote it in our house. And when we quote it....we say it in the little lad like voice. Please watch the video, it will help you to understand:

There is a story behind me posting this, I promise. Yesterday morning I am getting ready for work. I am NOT a morning person and my other half gets up and around in the morning making breakfast and being productive. I hear him in the pantry getting out the new box of cereal that I purchased. It is the Special K berries and yogurt (cream if you will).


I heard Justin say, (in the little lad voice) "Berries and Cream!!!!"

HAHAHAHAH and that is why I love him. He makes me laugh.
The kick at the end of the video gets us every time. You think the little lad is finished and then comes the high kick.

Who wants DETAILS?

I have already shared where we will get married and where we will party. But I have not shared what vendors we chose to work with. I am very excited about all of our vendors, I am getting such personal attention and getting the opportunity to work with such talented people.

I think pictures are the most important thing. They will be the things that out last everything else. I am so excited to be working with Debbie Brower at Image Forward Photography. They were just given an award by the Knot-Best of Weddings. (Which is so exciting) Debbie is the mother of one of my best friends, Jaclyn. I have always admired their work and am so excited for them to be "shooting me" and Justin on our wedding day. Jaclyn works at Image Forward as well, but she will be off for the day, to be my bridesmaid.
I found this vendor through my friends. I have had so many Hobart invitations in my mail box, the great work and recommendations made me call Sarah Hobart at Hobart's Printing. Sarah made me feel like the only bride in the world. She really wants to listen and make something that will make you happy. I wanted to do something a little different....she made my idea come to life and I can't wait to see the finished product.

David Goodman at Mary and Martha's in Arkadelphia, AR is the man!! David worked at the university I attended and Justin worked at. He ended up buying a local flower shop and is one of the most talented people I know. I feel so comfortable giving him an idea and letting him do the rest....he is that good. I know when Justin and I walk into the reception space, I will be blown away. Here is one of the many pictures I gave David. I wanted a southern, romantic, vintage feel. We will see what he comes up with.


We came across a free option for a website through the We were able to pick a template, colors, and add whatever information we wanted. It was very easy...and I'll tell you Justin did it ALL. This was his baby and I am very pleased on how it turned out. Please go visit our website and sign our guestbook.

Visit our Wedding Website

Thanks for stopping by, if you have suggestions on the vendor front I am all ears. Questions I should ask, things to think about, etc.

Dress update

A few posts ago I told you guys about the Brides Against Breast Cancer event. My mom was coming out to attend the event and to help me shop for my wedding dress. The weekend was huge success. I had a small entourage helping me shop and put me in dress after dress. They were a huge help. At one point or the other...they all hauled dresses, were on the floor pulling fabric down, brushing away tears, or giving a pep talk. :) They were ALL life saviors!! I recommend every bride having a shopping support system.
The event was a good time-They had the dinner tables set up like tables you would see at a wedding reception. This particular table was black and green and those are my wedding colors. Which will look nothing like this...but I enjoyed each table.
We also got to see a fashion show and enjoy a great dinner. After dinner they let us go fight each other for the perfect dress. Because we went to the VIP portion, there were only like 15 brides and thousands of dresses. One was even a Vera Wang. Doesn't every girl dream of owning a Vera Wang? I was NOT going to own it, but I got a picture snapped while I was in it...check it out below. Wearing it in real life did not feel like it did in my dreams. HA. It make me look and feel about 2 miles wide and it was like carrying a line backer. (It was SOOO heavy)
I tried on so many, but just didn't find the one. I was very disappointed, because I wanted the money for my dress to go to the cause. But I couldn't even fake it to make it. Even though I didn't leave with a dress, the event raised $35,000 between dresses and VIP tickets. So I helped in a little way.

Saturday morning early we hit the ground running. I promised I tried every style and one of all prices. ;) But none just tickled my fancy. I requested to return to a store that I KNEW carried a dress I had tried on weeks before when I went "research shopping" (shopping before my mom arrived). I just couldn't get that dress out of my head. No other dress made me feel like that dress did. So my entourage made some calls and found a local store that had it. AHHHH!!! At the sister Jill was in the dressing room with me. I said, "Is everyone going to be mad at me if I pick the first dress I tried on two weeks and about 175 dresses ago?" She assured me that they would not. So I proceeded to walk out and announce that we had found THE ONE!!!
After I found the dress...
.....and a well deserved drink to celebrate the purchase.

That's to Mom, Vicki, AJ, DV, and Autumn for putting me in countless dresses, driving all over the area, and being such great shopping support!