Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy-o!!!

Today is a very special day for a very special man in my life....MY DADDY!

I think every girl says this, but I really do have the best Dad. He is a true trooper. From day one he has been out numbered. He married my mom and got more than just 1 girl, he got three. Dad is a soft spirit.....when we are yelling, crying, and bickering like a bunch of crazy women....he softly says..."girls".......and we ALL know Dad means he has had enough. It is funny to me that he says 1 word and we get it.

I feel like my dad sacrifices so much for me! I'll give you an example of what I mean. I remember my freshman year of college. My parents were making a trip to my school to get my voting registration papers. My mom called and asked me to come downstairs. I selfishly asked her to come up because my toilet was clogged in my dorm. So she ran up stairs and rushed me back down. I walked outside the dorm and there my Dad was leaning up against a silver Lexus IS300....AKA the car of my dreams. He was so proud and I was so excited. My Dad makes sure everyone else is driving a nice dependable car and takes what is left. A few weeks ago he repainted his "P.O.S." to make it look a little more presentable......just goes to show he puts his family first.

I love to call my Dad and just check in on him. I'm usually calling him to apologize for being a demanding little toot when I was younger. I didn't realize how hard my parents worked to provide all the essentials not to mention all the EXTRAS!!! Now that I am a working girl, it has opened up a new appreciation for all those extras they tried to provide. I also thank him for not beating me between the ages of 14-17....I was HATEFUL and he loved me anyways. :)

I think my Dad has taught me SO many things and I have SO many memories surrounding him. I don't know about you....but I have a smell for people. My smell for my Dad is Red Man chew and body filler. HA I know that is so random....but if I every see those two things I stop and sniff them....they always take me back to my Pops.

Dad, I hope your boss gave you the day off and I hope your favorite guys at Las Palmas gave you a discount because I know you paid for your own dinner!!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My shout out to Giada...

How many of you out there heart the Food Network Channel?
Pick me, I do!

We often find our self watching the FNC and have our favorites! Giada De Laurentiis happens to be one our OUR favorites.

I think Justin and I like her for different reasons. I like her because she is a really easy to watch and is good at explaining the steps to easy recipes that I will one day try.

Justin on the other hand has a "crush" and it is CLEAR why. She is beautiful! Great eyes, BEAUTIFUL smile, great hair...oh and boobs....that ARE ALWAYS hanging out of her shirt and dangling over the boiling pasta.

Don't act like you haven't notice girls! We have all noticed. If she is on the TV and Justin is home I change the channel. I really like the show....but FOR THE LOVE are the only woman I know that has cleavage in an apron!

I realize WHY she is made to wear such things, but I hope she realizes that we want to watch her because she is talented and I hope she realizes that people are skipping over that beautiful face and smile and are focusing on that rack and I don't mean of lamb. ;) ;)

Continuation of my trip home: Pumpkin Patch

We couldn't have picked a colder day....but we made the most of our day at the pumpkin patch. One of my fondest memories is of my mom dressing me up and taking me to the pumpkin patch. So while I was home I wanted to take my nephews to the pumpkin patch at Family Farm...or AKA Fantasy Farm. (they had a name change a few years back) Last year the farm decided to be open for the fall. They have hayrides around the farm, a HUGE tepee where Mrs. May often tells stories of our heritage, they have a "Hay Play" with an enormous slide, and don't forget a large patch of pumpkins! Dawson had plans, but Chase was down for being the only we ventured out for some fun!
LeAnn, Mom, and Dv on the hayride CB and I all cuddled up on the hayride!

A few pictures of the farm...

This is a picture of the brand NEW building at FF. They are open to weddings, receptions, family reunions, birthday name it!!! It is a HUGE place with a fantastic view. If you are in need, let me know I'll get you in touch with the right people. :)

GROUP SHOT!!! (Yes I am in a dress at camp. I came straight from homecoming!)

CB and a camp cat.

And THIS my friends is "Momma May". She is the lady that runs this place. She has been my teacher, boss, and friend. I had a cold that day and before my mom got there Mrs. May had made me chicken noodle soup and had given me meds. She is a mother at heart and a true woman of God. She will just call me and tell me that I have been on her heart and that she has been praying for me. It is always at the perfect time. God has given her a gift. She is a true "prayer warrior". If she says, "I'm praying for you".....she REALLY is.

It was so special to be back at camp! I am a camper at heart! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The to do list while being in AR....

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to make a trip home. It is something that I have been wanting to do and October was my lucky month. Before ever stepping on the plane my weekend was planned from the moment I landed until the very lest hour! I am a planner and planning is a MUST on a trip like this because it doesn't happen often and there are SO many things you want to fit in.

My first priority was to head straight to the dress shop and try on my bridesmaid's dress for Al's wedding in December. The place does free alterations and I needed not a one, but it was nice to have it out of the way. I am so glad that Bug and I got to do this together. We also decided that we needed one SERIOUS tan before December. We were like....EWWWW white. No worries, that's an easy fix.
Another fun thing I got to this while being at home was watch my nephews play ball. They are getting to the age where they are really getting good! (if I do say so myself HAHA)Dawson is currently playing soccer. A sport I never played (after watching I realized it is because they run too much). He did awesome. He scored the only two goals of the game. Chase has taken up flag football and man is he good. He gets so focused and has quick little feet. This is his first year to play and I would say he is on the VARSITY team. ;)

You can not visit home without visiting the salon! I have the best place. Maybe because all the girls I went to school or church with. HA It is like a big reunion when getting my hair done. April is a long time friend and now my hair stylist. CRAZY, but hey I would rather give a friend my money than a stranger. Plus we get to chat and catch up while she makes me beautiful.

Dress fitting, Ball games, and Hair were the first three things on the agenda but that only is the beginning! Check back shortly to see what else I did while I was home!!