Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things....

From time to time I want to share a few of my Favorite things with you. I am all about "Word of Mouth" advertisement. If a friend loves it....I assure myself I will love it! Today I am going to feature 2 of my favorite things.

The first thing is a flossing tool. Strange I realize. I have never gotten a passing grade at the dentist on flossing and I am determined to get an A+ in August. This is a "Reach Access Flosser". The head on it pops on and off so you can replace it when the floss gets worn. It is easy to keep clean and fits in your tooth brush older....which I think is key to remembering to floss. You don't think of it when your floss is hidden away in a drawer. Your teeth and gums are important...don't neglect them. The second thing I want to share with you is called "Scentsy". A good family friend starting selling Scentsy products. My mom hosted a party and gave me a few things for Christmas. Between the two of them I am a proud owner of a few different Scentsy products, and I LOVE them! Do you forget to blow out your candles...or even turn them on? Do you hate the smell of dinner lingering in your house? I do to all of the above...who doesn't? This product give you a STYLISH...SAFE way to keep your house smelling good. They have SO many things to offer. Check them out, I promise you will not be disappointed! Even the men can do it ;) Boyfriend comes right in, flips the switch and our house is smelling great...Another don't have to LOOK for matches....because that would be too much effort. If you choose to order please click on the link below, the Scentsy Rep will give you great customer service on top of you receiving a great product! ORDER NOW

I hope you take the plung with these two products. We love them and hope they bring you just as much health and pleasure in your life. If you decide to buy either...let me know if you LOVED and tell a friend!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I need your help!!

See this sweet face?
PSHHH! Don't even get sucked in! That tongue is hanging out because she has been HARD AT WORK! You show off your kids new tricks, art work, and newest accomplishments...well I'll show you what mine has been up to.
HOLE #1HOLE #2 Hole #3
The smallest hole is about 12 inches deep. The largest hole is about 2 feet deep. I don't get it. She doesn't dig to get out. She just digs!!!! STRAIGHT DOWN!!!!
I think I'm going to rent her out to local pool companies. People who want pools must have large holes first and they must pay....sounds like she would be perfect for the job.
It is baffling to Justin and I, we getting frustrated and do not know what to do to stop this bad habit! Please do not think she stays outside. She is 100% and inside dog. It isn't like we leave her outside alllll day long. She goes out for BRIEF periods and THAT is what she does.
UH! PLEASE HELP!! If you have suggestions, please do share!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Weekend and Trip to Arkansas

WEEKS ago I went home for one of my best friends weddings. I told you about my busy trip home, but never followed bad. I wanted to show a few pictures of my trip home. Lunch with my brother, sister, and silly Daddy. Notice my siblings and I are ALL the same color...YAY for spray tans!!! PC'05 at Rachel's Lingerie Shower....She got some really cute things. ;) ;)The BEAUTIFUL bride and myself at the bridesmaids luncheonMy best friends!! AHHH I have missed them so much!!!

The next few pictures are from a family friends wedding....The Green Wedding was on Saturday night....I felt like I was running a wedding marathon! Mom and I on the way to the 2nd wedding. I was trying to help her rack up pictures on her new facebook page. :)Me and Al Pal...she is the next bride!!! I'll be making an early trip home for Christmas to be apart of her big day! I hope she lets me wear flats. :) Notice I got my hair did while I was LEAST 6 inches..."if you can't change your life, change your hair."-My new life motto.

Amanda (my brothers girlfriend), Matt (my brother), ME, and my parents...good looking crew!!

Mom and I REALLY worn out!!! HA.