Friday, June 12, 2009

I need your help!!

See this sweet face?
PSHHH! Don't even get sucked in! That tongue is hanging out because she has been HARD AT WORK! You show off your kids new tricks, art work, and newest accomplishments...well I'll show you what mine has been up to.
HOLE #1HOLE #2 Hole #3
The smallest hole is about 12 inches deep. The largest hole is about 2 feet deep. I don't get it. She doesn't dig to get out. She just digs!!!! STRAIGHT DOWN!!!!
I think I'm going to rent her out to local pool companies. People who want pools must have large holes first and they must pay....sounds like she would be perfect for the job.
It is baffling to Justin and I, we getting frustrated and do not know what to do to stop this bad habit! Please do not think she stays outside. She is 100% and inside dog. It isn't like we leave her outside alllll day long. She goes out for BRIEF periods and THAT is what she does.
UH! PLEASE HELP!! If you have suggestions, please do share!

1 comment:

  1. Our Lucy does that. We got chicken wire and put it over the holes and held it down with rocks. We seems ok with it since she goes and lays by them. We just did it last week so I let you know how it goes. But that is our suggestion.