Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm bound for the Natural State

After I finish up day 1 of the ACC tournament here at work and set my out of office reply on my phone and email...I'm headed to the port of air. And guess what?? My sister Jill and Vicki are going to be at the airport at the same time! They are going to see Vicki's family and fly out about 10 minutes before me so I am going to try and see them off! I fly from Raleigh to Charlotte then land in the Natural State about 11:30 p.m. (Dad was excited to hear that). I cannot believe I planned this trip...I'm so ashamed...not because it was too late for the parentals but because I'll be in the stinking air when the WINNER of American Idol is announced. SOMEONE please text me when it is announced!!

I arrive late and will sleep and hit the ground running. Thursday morning I have already promised to fetch my nephews and take them to eat breakfast...then to school! (maybe a little late, that's what Ninny's are for!) After I drop them off at the school house I'm headed to get a pedicure, a spray tan, and to get my hair did. I'll be doing all of the above with my sister LeAnn who has the day off and my Momma who took half a day! Whoop! After I complete all the necessary pre wedding beautifying things...I'm going to head to Little Rock to meet up with the BRIDE!! I told her I would come and just be "available" if she needed me. THAT IS JUST THE MORNING/AFTERNOON! The evening festivities are just as busy. We have the rehearsal at the church, the rehearsal dinner at a local hotel, pick up Emily from the airport (which I'm pumped about), then head to the lingerie party! WHEW....what an evening!
We have a luncheon, hair, pictures, ceremony, and party!! THEN I'M GOING TO CRASH!!!!
Saturday: I'm going to catch as many baseball games as I can. Both boys are playing in a local tournament so that should be easy to do. Then guess what......ANOTHER WEDDING! A good family friend is getting hitched. I am so glad both these weddings are happening on the same weekend and that I get to be apart of both!
Sunday: Church and LOTS of family time.

Wish me luck and safe travels. I am excited to see many of you. Prepare to "document" everything I just blogged about. :)

Justin, hold down the fort and don't let Lucy break all the rules while I'm gone!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I can't wait!!!!!

In a matter of days I will be traveling back to Arkansas for one of my best friends wedding. Rachel and Evan are getting married. We have been waiting for this day for over a year and it is almost here!
This is Rachel....She is going to make a beautiful bride
This wedding is bringing me and 7 of my most favorite people back together! I have seen all of them at least once sense I moved in August....some over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and others just a few weeks ago. But there is always someone missing at each gathering...someone is missing. At this event EVERYONE will be home and together. I am almost beside myself with excitement! I want to relive a few memories with you...
One of ALL of us at a bid day.
"Find your sister a mister"...Who needs Misters when you have sisters right!?!?
Emily, Jaclyn, and I before Barn Bash. I lived with these two my senior year.
PC Christmas party at the Fruchey's
Monica and I obviously NOT participating in Rush. We lived together for 3 years in college!!
So...We decided to put our Tiger Tunes costumes to good use and play Hockey in the dorm!!

Jenna and I at the best planned outing EVER!!!
EEE-Haw-At least when you are made to dress fugly you get to do it with friends.

Allison and I sporting our Tiger Tunes makeup out on the town.Jilly and I after homecoming chapel. She is my voice of reason.

These are just a few of my favorite people! I miss so many things about them not being around. I shall list them for you.
1. I no longer have a "date" for Grey's or AI
2. My wardrobe shrunk
3. My standing lunch date to Mariachi, The Comb of Honey, or the Tea Room has been replaced with WORK.
4. 2 am McDonald's breakfast and Mcflurries with extra flur
5. Birthday cakes from Rachel
6. Spot lighting Innocent students "parking" around town (then pointing and laughing at them while they put their shirt back on)
7. going to Dean Keldon's office to talk our way out of some vandalizing stunt
8. Being and having a "wing man"
9. Visiting Alex in Hot Springs
10. Have 7 people on call for anything you may need, want to do, or persuade them to do!
I will see your girls soon. Be prepared to sleep 4 deep so we can all fit in one room!