Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beach Trip

Justin had to go on a business trip two weekends ago and for the first time ever I got to go. He had just come off of a two week trip and this was much need. He worked all day each day we were there, but we had dinner and slept in the same bed. (Which is more than we usually get!) I slept in and had plenty of time on the beach. This was the view of our room. This was my set up on the beach, not bad. I was a very happy lady! I took a few magazines with me and this was one of them.
Totally depressing while in a swimsuit on the beach! Beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC This sweet girl stayed with her friend Sam Stewart. We missed her.

We had a wonderful time and I got very spoiled. I know I can't go on every tip, but I was so glad to go on this one and the good news is.....we go back to the beach in just 25 days!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!