Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's List: Christmas List

This week I am going to try Tuesday's List hosted by Love from Texas. As you know...I heart lists and this will give me something to look forward to each week.These days I feel like everyone has an Ipod or some music gadget. Well...not this girl. I am not big into music or very hip in that department, but I am starting to THINK about exercising, and I feel like this would help distract me from the thought of....OMG, I THINK I'M GOING TO DIE. :)
A new laptop is defiantly on the list. I have had my laptop since my freshman year of college (6 years ago) and it is still kicking but just barely, it is temperamental. I can only have so many things open, if it goes in to hibernation it takes 3 days to come out, it has to have the battery plugged in, and this list goes on and on. I'm not picky about what kind...I just need a new spring chicken that can make it through an entire blog post without randomly shutting down. :)

I would love a kitchen table. Everyone that comes over think it is crazy that we don't have one. We make it just fine without...it is just the two of us and we aren't fancy. But I am ready to join the adult club and get a table so we can enjoy family meals face to face rather than shoulder to shoulder on the couch.

I would love to have an elliptical machine. I have had 3 knee surgeries and it is much easier on my knees than the road or a treadmill. I would really like to take one of our chairs out of our living room (The chair I'm currently sitting my backside in) and replace it with this machine. I feel like I could work out for hours instead of sitting!!! Hey...a girl can dream! :)

Last but not least a trip to Vegas to see the 2010 Miss America Pagent !! My friend and sorority sister, Alyse Eady will be representing Arkansas in the Miss America Pagent. My closest friends are planning a big trip to Vegas to support Alyse!! Plus, I need to be there...she is going to WIN!

None are necessary just fun to think about!! :)

I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here, just 3 short months away. So get your list ready!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was an eventful weekend for us and one of our outings was to see the Durham Bulls play. I use to work for the Bulls and I haven't been back in almost a year. I was so excited to go back, see some old faces and WATCH a game rather than WORK a game.

There is nothing better than a minor league game, always some sort of entertainment. And this is a wonderful stadium to watch in, nice field, great shade, breeze, and good food!

So we know the food is good...because we may have tasted it. :)

I also got this while I was at the game. The Bulls won this during the 2009 season and I got to pick up my ring while I was there! It's strange to wear because it is so big and manly, but pretty cool to have. It is a nice way to remember my time with the Bulls.This is my good friend Mary Beth. She and I worked together and the Bulls and became really good friends. It was SOOO good to see her while we were at the game!

And this stud was my date and we had a blast! No mater the scene, I'm just glad we got to go on a date!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Big 24

At the end of August I celebrated by 24th birthday. It was really anticlimactic however, it was an excuse to eat cake, buy a new dress, go out to dinner, and spend time with friends.....ahhh, if only birthdays were more often. :)
The Stewart's joined us to celebrate my bithday. We started the evening at their house with appitizers and cake. (It gave us time to wait on Justin...he had to work late, but I won't complain, it is the first time in two years he has been in town for my birthday.)

Yellow cake with chocolate icing is my cake of choice made by Julianne. YUM!

I stopped by Target (love that place) on my way home from work to see if they had anything I needed for the evening. I ended up leave with the dress you see above. I went straight to the Stewart's and was showing Julianne my new dress! She then gave me my birthday gift...earrings and a bracelet that matched my dress perfectly. Basically, we were meant to be friends. :)

Last but not least, my Husband. This was our first birthday as a married couple. So now I'm officially an "old married woman!"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Me+Ouachita=the best years of my life

Today my Alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University is having a Blog Day for founders day! I think it is such an awesome idea and I love an excuse to talk about my OBU days. There are so many things that I love about those years, I don't know if I can do it justice with one blog. You can look back here to read a previous post about OBU.

My mother was an OBU graduate and so I grew up hearing about this place. I wanted a small university, a place where I did not have to have community bathrooms, and I wanted to go someplace "different". After visiting multiple local universities, I was ALMOST sure that OBU was the place for me.

I have to say me ending up at OBU, finding friends, and actually graduating in 4 years was ALL a God thing. I guess you could say I was a "social butterfly."
Below are a FEW of my favorite things about Ouachita....

1. Social Clubs-
Social Clubs are OBU's version of Fraternities and Sororities and this was the turning point for me-BID Day 2004 when I pledged EEE and becoming a Rho Sigma Sweetheart. These days were the days that changed the "ALMOST sure" to an ABSOLUTELY sure that Ouachita was the place for me. Pledge Class 2005

Rho Sigma Sweetheart

2. Friends

There are no friends like OBU friends. (That's my motto) My best friends came from my years at Ouachita and continue to be my best friends today.
3. Outings, TWIRP Week, and Mixers....Again, I was a social butterfly so any time to get out, dress up, and meet new people I was in!

TWIRP Week-EEE 50's Night with Gus!

Two of MANY tacky Christmas sweater parties

2005 outing to Austin Texas-We hosted Dave Barnes

RUSH-Rho Sigma Saloon

Find Your Sister A Mister Outing (but who needs Misters when you have SISTERS?)


3. My Husband Justin. We met my freshman year of college (2004), started dating my sophomore year (2005), and got married August 7, 2010!!! I am so lucky to have found him at OBU.

4. And then.....I GRADUATED....look my name is even in the concrete. :)

In all seriousness. The four years I spent at OBU were the best. I would go back TODAY and do it all over again!