Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Haire's.
We hope you enjoy our our first Christmas card!
Picture taken by Image Forward Photography

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marriage and Compermise (or NOT)

I spoke on my last post about me compromising for a real Christmas tree and I also mentioned an issue that Justin and I were having that I am just not budging on. I'll share hoping that others can relate and make me feel like I'm not a crazy wife, just a maturing wife. :)

From day 1 of this little relationship Justin didn't make his bed with a flat sheet. Nor did I. I was known for actually sleeping on top of the comforter with a quilt. We had multiple discussions about having this in common and making note that we liked it that way. We felt that a flat sheet made things complicated and messy and often made sleeping difficult.

But I have had a change of heart. Is that so wrong? When we got married we got a new bedding set that I love. It looks like an adult bedspread, not something from college. We have nice sheets and I am liking the idea of my bed being made nicely and keeping the comforter clean! Justin could care less....and every night when we straighten the bed he says, "Hey, I have an idea....why don't we just take this sheet off?" He is hoping that one night I say, "YES!" But I just keep responding with,
"We are grown-ups now and grownups sleep with a fitted sheet."
He is so over being "grown-ups!" Is it really worth it? I'm not sure. He really seems to think this is effecting his sleeping. I personally think it is all in his head. I can always replace the set if it is going to upset him so badly, in fact....
that may just be a good compromise.....
No flat sheet=New bedding set more regularly.
SOLD. ;)
We will see what he thinks about that deal!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Tis the Season for Compromise...

Being married gives you many opportunities to compromise with your spouse.
This year was the first year for Justin and I to decorate and have a tree. I mentioned in my last post that my family came to visit. When they drove out, they packed an artificial tree for Justin and I. See I never had a real tree, we always had fake. Justin, well he always had a real tree.
The moment my parents pulled away, I began to cry. In an effort to distract me Justin mentioned going to the Christmas tree farm to get a real tree. I weighed my options....
1. go to our storage closet, drag out a fake tree.
2. Drive to the Christmas tree farm and pick the "perfect" tree with my husband and then watch him cut it down.
Ding! Ding! Ding! #2 was the winner it just seemed like it had the potential to help us build a number of traditions. However, I hope to someday be fortunate enough to be able to have multiple trees so I can have 1 real and 1 fake tree.
Take a look at our day at the tree farm....

It was a beautiful day and we got to search for the perfect tree....

My husband cutting down our 1st tree. There were men to do the work for us...but he wanted to do it, he even brought his own saw.

The shaking process. They shake out all the dead stuff and wrapped it for us. This was a neat process for me because I had never seen it.

The moment of truth....Will it fit??
It fits, just by a smig. We have done some trimming, decorating, and admiring. We still need a topper and a skirt...then I'll show you the finished product.
I'm happy about this compromise.
Next post I'll be telling you about an on going heated discussion at our house. It happens every day and I'm not ready to compromise.