Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marriage and Compermise (or NOT)

I spoke on my last post about me compromising for a real Christmas tree and I also mentioned an issue that Justin and I were having that I am just not budging on. I'll share hoping that others can relate and make me feel like I'm not a crazy wife, just a maturing wife. :)

From day 1 of this little relationship Justin didn't make his bed with a flat sheet. Nor did I. I was known for actually sleeping on top of the comforter with a quilt. We had multiple discussions about having this in common and making note that we liked it that way. We felt that a flat sheet made things complicated and messy and often made sleeping difficult.

But I have had a change of heart. Is that so wrong? When we got married we got a new bedding set that I love. It looks like an adult bedspread, not something from college. We have nice sheets and I am liking the idea of my bed being made nicely and keeping the comforter clean! Justin could care less....and every night when we straighten the bed he says, "Hey, I have an idea....why don't we just take this sheet off?" He is hoping that one night I say, "YES!" But I just keep responding with,
"We are grown-ups now and grownups sleep with a fitted sheet."
He is so over being "grown-ups!" Is it really worth it? I'm not sure. He really seems to think this is effecting his sleeping. I personally think it is all in his head. I can always replace the set if it is going to upset him so badly, in fact....
that may just be a good compromise.....
No flat sheet=New bedding set more regularly.
SOLD. ;)
We will see what he thinks about that deal!


  1. what a great idea! my husband is the same way! where did you get your comforter?!? I LOVE it btw!

  2. You are hilarious! It's true marriage is full of compromise! Keep posting your stories; I love to read! :)

  3. I'm so with ya...we both sleep on top of the comforter now with quilts but when I have my new bedding set I don't want it to look like this one does!