Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving with the ones you call "Family"

This year more than ever I realized your family are the group of people you choose not always the ones you are given. Although I was blessed to do both I love them each family just like they were my own. My mom, dad, sister and nephews joined my sister and our families and friends here in North Carolina. We all pitched in and made a fantastic Thanksgiving spread. We were fortunate enough to out grow each of our homes with a number of 25+ so we met at our church for our Thanksgiving meal. My mom and I decorated to give it a "Thanksgiving-ish" feel.....and we had a blast.
The centerpiece for the adult table....
Next is the kids table....a little festive yet realistic....they were able to color and be messy!!
The drink table...with the many drink dispensers from our wedding.... :)
Check out the A-mazing food...

And more....FOOD. :)

Candace, My sister LeAnn, and My sister Jill hovering over the food while it is warming....it was nice to have 2 stoves to warm the food. It made for easy easy setup.

Last but not least GAME NIGHT!!!!! It is a tradition with my family that we play games on Thanksgiving evening. We started with a board game...Trivial Pursuit. Just for the record...Justin, Vicki and I kick tail. Then we ended the evening with a little card game....who cares who who that. ;) ;)

It was an amazing Thanksgiving. Having my family here and spending time with close friends made the most perfect combination for Thanksgiving.
I am so thankful for family and amazing friends!!!