Thursday, March 19, 2009

We are so excited...

Our company will be here in just two days. Rebecca and I have talked a few times this week about a few fun things we have planned. I'll lay it out for you...

Sunday: they arrive early afternoon. Justin is "off" that day. I put that in "" because we use that word loosely. Let's just hope the Camels bring home some W's this weekend so Boyfriend can spend the afternoon and evening with BJones and Rebecca. I think we are going to have lunch and dinner up in Raleigh, do something fun in between. We really want to have time to catch up and just talk.

Monday: Bryan, Rebecca, and myself are going to venture out to the Beach. Rebecca is SET on the beach, so I'm going to do my best to give it to her. We are keeping our fingers crossed for nice weather!!

Tuesday: Campbell Game Day. I'm not sure what the plan is that day, maybe just chill because it will be a late night at the field.

Wednesday: We are going to a HOCKEY game!! I don't think Bryan or Rebecca either one have seen a Hockey game. I have only been once but thought it was a good time. Plus it's kinda a big deal around here and I want to experience everything. (I'm recruiting them to move here) :)

Thursday: They have to return home. Which is sad but we have other guests coming in that same day!!!!!

Thursday (Really Late)-The weekend: Justin's brother Josh and his wife Nikki and baby Kendyl are driving in. They will be at our house through the weekend for Campbell's Games. Then they are headed to the beach. (Be Jealous, I am) Justin's sister Jen is in limbo if she is coming along. She is trying to see what the weather is going to do before she drives all this way with 2 kids. She could be bringing Peter and Stephanie along, her big girls will still be in school.

I can't tell you how excited we are to have family and friends here in our home for the next week. It will be a tad stressful juggling work and quality time. But we are very fortunate to have people that love us and are willing to travel to North Carolina to visit us. Especially to watch Justin's team play. Not many people understand the time commitment Justin puts toward his job or ever get to see the outcome of those hours. So the fact they are willing to come and WATCH him coach first base is really cool.

I will document these visitors and our fun times together. Look forward to many pictures!! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I kissed the cook....

I didn't really kiss him, but I wanted to. My biggest disappointment with moving to North Carolina is the BBQ. Around here they use a VINEGAR based sauce and it is DISGUSTING! For the past few Fridays my office has ventured out to find good southern BBQ, but I always leave disappointed. Nothing lives up to the tomato based sauce from home. You have to understand in my family we eat BBQ at least once a week.

Last night Boyfriends game was canceled so we went to dinner. He chose Howard's BBQ. It is a favorite of his staffs and they get all events catered through Howard's. But I had not gotten to go and pick what I wanted for dinner or try his famous SWEET SAUCE! I ordered a regular chopped pork sandwich with fries (healthy I realize). After receiving my food I had to ask to get the sweet sauce. I tried it out on a french fry before drenching my sandwich....I have ruined one to many dinners that way. I think Justin saw my face light up!!! It was so good you guys. I ate and ate and ate, we were so full! I had to express my thanks to Mr. David the owner and famous cook of Howard's BBQ. I told him of my many disappointing BBQ meals while living in NC and he said he could get me a jar of that sauce, I almost kissed him! Then I text my Daddy to tell him I was staying in North Carolina because I found good Barbecue!!! :) It was almost a deal breaker and I'm not kidding. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a week...

I have been such the blogging slacker. But I'm back and ready to update you all on what has been happening the past few weeks.
Baseball season is here in full force! The Campbell Camels started February 20. Justin's dad came down from Ohio to surprise us for Justin's opening weekend. I had a feeling he would pull a fast one on us and show up. We were hoping he would stay with us, but I think he enjoys a quiet hotel room. But we really enjoyed him while he was here and can't wait for him to come back! Justin is on a road trip as week speak. He left a week ago tomorrow and will not return until Sunday. This will be the longest road trip this season and thank the good Lord for that.
I love to think that I am an independent person and don't rely on others for much. But lets be honest with one another.....I RELY ON JUSTIN. I haven't slept well, eaten well, or woken up on time in a week. I get in bed and hear the wind blow and hear every car that drives by. I have been up later this past week than I have been in months. For dinner one night I had rice, wine, and girl scout cookies. Boyfriend cooked homemade spaghetti sauce and meatloaf before he left. That way I have a few things in the fridge to fall back on. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not so much the cooker. I often forget about items ON or IN the stove....this ALWAYS ends up with smoke, fire, my smoke alarm blaring, my dog freaking out, and my house smelling sick nasty. He tries to avoid all of these things and was attempting to take care of me. I try to change up the pace from night to last night I had apples and peanut butter. Do you see now why I need him home? And as far as getting up and the alarm have a love hate relationship. I don't know how to work it. So this week I haven't been up on time once....Lucy has been a big help in that department.
I'm just so ready for my life to be back in order. I want to sleep well, eat well, Justin to take the dog out in the cold ;) and have my friend back. When he travels we don't talk much. He is worried about 35 other people....feeding them, making sure they are up on time....all the things he does for I'm beyond ready to have him home! Can you tell? HA
However I'm very proud of his team and his work...they are off to a fabulous start 8-1. They play Friday and Saturday this week...then home for awhile.
While they are home...we have a few people coming to see us. WE LOVE VISITORS! Bryan and Rebecca Dawson-Jones are coming to visit!!!! We cannot wait. Bryan is Justin's best friend and Rebecca is my cousin and they are married. We love love love them and miss them so much.

They are our preferred double date:)

Post Script: When Justin's Dad came to visit us he brought us the 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies we ordered from Justin's nieces. Let me just tell you...I'm not territorial about anything int he pantry...but if you touch the purple box...we WILL have words. I hope you enjoy your cookies and savor each cookie like I do. :)