Saturday, March 14, 2009

I kissed the cook....

I didn't really kiss him, but I wanted to. My biggest disappointment with moving to North Carolina is the BBQ. Around here they use a VINEGAR based sauce and it is DISGUSTING! For the past few Fridays my office has ventured out to find good southern BBQ, but I always leave disappointed. Nothing lives up to the tomato based sauce from home. You have to understand in my family we eat BBQ at least once a week.

Last night Boyfriends game was canceled so we went to dinner. He chose Howard's BBQ. It is a favorite of his staffs and they get all events catered through Howard's. But I had not gotten to go and pick what I wanted for dinner or try his famous SWEET SAUCE! I ordered a regular chopped pork sandwich with fries (healthy I realize). After receiving my food I had to ask to get the sweet sauce. I tried it out on a french fry before drenching my sandwich....I have ruined one to many dinners that way. I think Justin saw my face light up!!! It was so good you guys. I ate and ate and ate, we were so full! I had to express my thanks to Mr. David the owner and famous cook of Howard's BBQ. I told him of my many disappointing BBQ meals while living in NC and he said he could get me a jar of that sauce, I almost kissed him! Then I text my Daddy to tell him I was staying in North Carolina because I found good Barbecue!!! :) It was almost a deal breaker and I'm not kidding. :)

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