Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Bubs!!!

July and August are full of family Birthdays! The latest was my brother Matthew's 25th birthday. Woahhh!

We are exactly 2 years and 1 month to the day apart. (What was my mother thinking? She CLEARLY wasn't!!!) I can remember many fights, many argument, many "he's touching me!" from the back seat. Not to long ago Matt and I were loving on each other and our Mom said, "Ahh, I knew you two would love each other some day!!" Mom, it wasn't that we didn't love each other....we just didn't know how to show it. :)

Matt showing off!!! HA
Do you think we look alike?

One of his MANY Tiger Tunes appearances. :)

No shirt...and a side pony...can we say WT?

Look how BIG he has gotten!! He has been working really hard. He looks all grown up and 25.

Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Concert at the park.....

Last night we had a huge concert at work. Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Bob Dylan were in the house along with 8,500 other fans. It was a long day work wise...but it was cool to see the park transform into something much different than we are use to. My sister and a few friends acquired tickets from a friend and got to come to the show. I think they enjoyed it and I was glad they were there to chill with...(yes...I just said chill).

This picture is a view of the stage and the mass of people on the field. We stayed away from the masses of people and enjoyed our little area with a good view. :)

This next picture is of my sister Jill and our friendlies. I love having them in the area so we get to enjoy fun things together. I heart them.
(left to right you have...Jill, Me, Vicki, Diana, and Robin)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Trip to Ohio...

Last weekend Justin and I made a flying trip to his home. His older brother Jake got married in the Bahamas a few weeks back. To celebrate and get family and friends together the families had a reception for Jake in Andrea at Justin's parents home in Ohio. They have a beautiful place with lots of land so it was the perfect place! I didn't document as well as I would have liked, but it was beautiful....there was a big white tent, lots of tables, beautiful flowers, music, dancing, and fabulous food! I think we figured up a total of 11 hours of sleep the entire weekend!!! :( We were pooped, but that was our decision and we defiantly paid for it. Enjoy a few pictures from the weekend....On the road again....I became antsy about 1/2 way. Justin thought a photo shoot would entertain me a little. I'll spare you all the photos we took. :) Justin is on the road ALL the time, it was nice to travel together for once!!! We really enjoyed our time together. This is the entire gang! Well minus 1 grandchild...but with all these people participating, that's an accomplishment! 2 parents, 6 children, 4 non-bloods, 6 grandchildren...whew that's a crowd.
Boyfriend and I before the events started. This party was "Resort Casual" He went with linen shorts and polo and I went with the linen pleated sundress. (My dress looks awkward in this picture...I promise I'm not poking my belly out.)
This my friends is from Skyline. This must be a northern thing....because we don't have it back where I'm from! will change your life. Because we don't have it at home...we got it on our way in and out. (TO SHARE....I didn't eat this alone!)

Now that's what we call TEAM WORK people!!!!

On our way home we ran into a lot of bugs. So one point...I thought it was raining. It got so bad we had to stop because we could not see...totally unsafe!!
Boyfriend so kindly cleaned half the window so I could properly document. Isn't that disgusting?
So while we were stopped...we went shopping. This is the #1 reason I love traveling with boyfriend. I like to call this our "second wind"

As soon as we got home and unpacked the car...I went and fetched The Luc. She stayed at her normal kennel. I called to check on her a few different times. She ate great during her stay and she got to play in the "large breed calm group". The calm part shocked me, but made me proud. We always hate to leave her for trips but we LOVE to get her back home!!!

All in all it was a great trip. We loved seeing family and friends!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

***CB Turns 7***

My baby nephew Chase turned 7 this week. He isn't a baby anymore!! This kid is a little cotton top with a fiery red attitude. He is so funny and there is always a good "Chase Story" as my friends call them. He is a true test of your patience but is such a lover. I'm not going to lie after my first nephew was a boy...I was hoping for the second to be a little girl. I remember the doctor telling us that the second baby was going to a BOY! I remember this sick feeling. (they say you could see it on my face.) My brother in law and sister decided on the name Chase. I kept telling them that it was an action verb and one day they were going to regret that name. Boy was I right....but not a one us would change that kid for a second. My most favouritest moments with him are when he stays the night. He always sleeps with me (sideways in the bed) and right before we fall asleep we talk about THE MOST RANDOM things....for example: the ones in space, dinosaurs or just life. He is so smart and is a deep thinker. I heart him if you have not noticed. :) I'll show you a few pictures of how is has grown up on me. :(

Chase at his family birthday party when he was 5 years old

Chase and Ninny day at the park after school....

Chase in his Christmas PJ's

This could be the cutest picture of all time. Chase and Tiger in my daddy's chair. When this kid is ready for bed...You will know it!!!!

Chase and Ninny this past Christmas....Thumbs up Dude...Love you CB...Happy 7th Birthday!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beach+Family=one GREAT weekend

My brother Matt that still lives in Arkansas has been coming to North Carolina for years to work a basketball camp in Wilmington. Now that Jill and I live here....we planned a trip down to see him while he was in town "working". I say "working" because he A. plays basketball with little children B. goes to the beach and C. Golfs.....I don't call that work...but he does. :) July 4th turned out to be the perfect weekend! Matthew's significant other Amanda flew in from AR to visit, Jill and Vicki and Justin and I drove down from our homes just a couple of hours away!

Saturday we got up and going fairly early. Jill fetched up some snacks for the beach and my new FAVORITE breakfast-Bojangles. We had a nice family breakfast and piled in the car Beach Bound!

**I would normally post a picture here, but will spare you our beautiful beach bodies**

We headed in from the beach around 2:00 because we wanted to get ready quick and beat the dinner crowd! I also learned how to use my timer on my camera-so we got a group pic.
We headed to a sea food restaurant, because that's what you do when you are at the beach. It was SUPER good. Amanda is not a fan of seafood, but she branched out and we all shared food, which I love because I always envy others plates.

The fam at dinner....I promise...I'm not THAT bunt-I was just THAT white.
Now for the couple pictures...I'll spare you ALL the ones we took, but they turned out great, so I have to share!
Matt and Amanda at dinner
Jill and Vicki at the fireworks location...Boyfriend and I post fireworks. :)
And last but not least the 3/4 of our siblings with a beautiful backdrop. We missed LeAnn and Greg a bunch. But I enjoyed the time I had with the 2 above. We honestly had a fantastic weekend. I would love to make a it a tradition!

I hope you had a Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!