Friday, July 10, 2009

***CB Turns 7***

My baby nephew Chase turned 7 this week. He isn't a baby anymore!! This kid is a little cotton top with a fiery red attitude. He is so funny and there is always a good "Chase Story" as my friends call them. He is a true test of your patience but is such a lover. I'm not going to lie after my first nephew was a boy...I was hoping for the second to be a little girl. I remember the doctor telling us that the second baby was going to a BOY! I remember this sick feeling. (they say you could see it on my face.) My brother in law and sister decided on the name Chase. I kept telling them that it was an action verb and one day they were going to regret that name. Boy was I right....but not a one us would change that kid for a second. My most favouritest moments with him are when he stays the night. He always sleeps with me (sideways in the bed) and right before we fall asleep we talk about THE MOST RANDOM things....for example: the ones in space, dinosaurs or just life. He is so smart and is a deep thinker. I heart him if you have not noticed. :) I'll show you a few pictures of how is has grown up on me. :(

Chase at his family birthday party when he was 5 years old

Chase and Ninny day at the park after school....

Chase in his Christmas PJ's

This could be the cutest picture of all time. Chase and Tiger in my daddy's chair. When this kid is ready for bed...You will know it!!!!

Chase and Ninny this past Christmas....Thumbs up Dude...Love you CB...Happy 7th Birthday!!!

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