Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beach+Family=one GREAT weekend

My brother Matt that still lives in Arkansas has been coming to North Carolina for years to work a basketball camp in Wilmington. Now that Jill and I live here....we planned a trip down to see him while he was in town "working". I say "working" because he A. plays basketball with little children B. goes to the beach and C. Golfs.....I don't call that work...but he does. :) July 4th turned out to be the perfect weekend! Matthew's significant other Amanda flew in from AR to visit, Jill and Vicki and Justin and I drove down from our homes just a couple of hours away!

Saturday we got up and going fairly early. Jill fetched up some snacks for the beach and my new FAVORITE breakfast-Bojangles. We had a nice family breakfast and piled in the car Beach Bound!

**I would normally post a picture here, but will spare you our beautiful beach bodies**

We headed in from the beach around 2:00 because we wanted to get ready quick and beat the dinner crowd! I also learned how to use my timer on my camera-so we got a group pic.
We headed to a sea food restaurant, because that's what you do when you are at the beach. It was SUPER good. Amanda is not a fan of seafood, but she branched out and we all shared food, which I love because I always envy others plates.

The fam at dinner....I promise...I'm not THAT bunt-I was just THAT white.
Now for the couple pictures...I'll spare you ALL the ones we took, but they turned out great, so I have to share!
Matt and Amanda at dinner
Jill and Vicki at the fireworks location...Boyfriend and I post fireworks. :)
And last but not least the 3/4 of our siblings with a beautiful backdrop. We missed LeAnn and Greg a bunch. But I enjoyed the time I had with the 2 above. We honestly had a fantastic weekend. I would love to make a it a tradition!

I hope you had a Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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