Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's List: Christmas List

This week I am going to try Tuesday's List hosted by Love from Texas. As you know...I heart lists and this will give me something to look forward to each week.These days I feel like everyone has an Ipod or some music gadget. Well...not this girl. I am not big into music or very hip in that department, but I am starting to THINK about exercising, and I feel like this would help distract me from the thought of....OMG, I THINK I'M GOING TO DIE. :)
A new laptop is defiantly on the list. I have had my laptop since my freshman year of college (6 years ago) and it is still kicking but just barely, it is temperamental. I can only have so many things open, if it goes in to hibernation it takes 3 days to come out, it has to have the battery plugged in, and this list goes on and on. I'm not picky about what kind...I just need a new spring chicken that can make it through an entire blog post without randomly shutting down. :)

I would love a kitchen table. Everyone that comes over think it is crazy that we don't have one. We make it just fine without...it is just the two of us and we aren't fancy. But I am ready to join the adult club and get a table so we can enjoy family meals face to face rather than shoulder to shoulder on the couch.

I would love to have an elliptical machine. I have had 3 knee surgeries and it is much easier on my knees than the road or a treadmill. I would really like to take one of our chairs out of our living room (The chair I'm currently sitting my backside in) and replace it with this machine. I feel like I could work out for hours instead of sitting!!! Hey...a girl can dream! :)

Last but not least a trip to Vegas to see the 2010 Miss America Pagent !! My friend and sorority sister, Alyse Eady will be representing Arkansas in the Miss America Pagent. My closest friends are planning a big trip to Vegas to support Alyse!! Plus, I need to be there...she is going to WIN!

None are necessary just fun to think about!! :)

I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here, just 3 short months away. So get your list ready!!


  1. Actually, Lindsey, the trip to Miss America IS necessary :)

  2. I love to entertain so I agree you need a dining set! The one you are thinking about is very pretty!

  3. Miss America pageant... that would be awesome! and you have a good excuse to go :)

  4. haha I HATE working out (when I actually do it) and my fiance and I just bought a kitchen table after our families kept bugging us about always eating on our couches.