Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm a Junkie

Hi, My name is Lindsey and I'm a TV Junkie....
It's time for another list and this week its a list of my favorite shows! The fall has a pretty intense line up! I watch them all. This list will only give you a few of my favs! Apparently I have quite the soft spot for the whales. Whale Wars is a little extreme at times...but I am absolutely fascinated!
It's amazing to see the transformations of the contestants. I usually pick a favorite and cheer them on throughout the show. Plus Bob and Jillian are BEASTS!

You would think I have outgrown MTV. But Teen Mom just sucks me in! I personally like Macy, she seems to have it together!

The Real Housewives of OC, ATL, NC, DC, and NY...I do NOT discriminate. They are basically the definition of trashy TV and I LOVE IT!!!

Grey's, I am still watching you because I am faithful. But you better step it up.

I LOOOOOVE CASTLE!!! I'm sure you are thinking, "Oh, not another crime show!!" But in all seriousness...you HAVE TO WATCH! Justin and I live for Monday's just to watch Castle. It isn't like all the other NCIS blah blah blah....it is hilarious and mysterious all in 1 hour. It is a must watch.

If you have a MUST SEE..please share!!
Be looking for a giveaway soon, I am ironing out some details as we speak!


  1. Teen Mom is a show I wish I didn't watch, but can't help myself. I refuse to watch Gary and Amber though. So sad!!

  2. I love whale wars as well. Though it always seems like a disaster waiting to happen with all the risky things they do.