Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My shout out to Giada...

How many of you out there heart the Food Network Channel?
Pick me, I do!

We often find our self watching the FNC and have our favorites! Giada De Laurentiis happens to be one our OUR favorites.

I think Justin and I like her for different reasons. I like her because she is a really easy to watch and is good at explaining the steps to easy recipes that I will one day try.

Justin on the other hand has a "crush" and it is CLEAR why. She is beautiful! Great eyes, BEAUTIFUL smile, great hair...oh and boobs....that ARE ALWAYS hanging out of her shirt and dangling over the boiling pasta.

Don't act like you haven't notice girls! We have all noticed. If she is on the TV and Justin is home I change the channel. I really like the show....but FOR THE LOVE are the only woman I know that has cleavage in an apron!

I realize WHY she is made to wear such things, but I hope she realizes that we want to watch her because she is talented and I hope she realizes that people are skipping over that beautiful face and smile and are focusing on that rack and I don't mean of lamb. ;) ;)


  1. hahahhaha that is hilarious! i feel the exact same way! aaron and i always watch the food network, but i don't watch Giada if he's around!

  2. Amen. I like her show too, but it makes me feel awkward when the hubs walks in the room. Did you ever see the Spanish girls cooking show? She was even worse, but I love Mexican food far too much to actually care.