Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dress update

A few posts ago I told you guys about the Brides Against Breast Cancer event. My mom was coming out to attend the event and to help me shop for my wedding dress. The weekend was huge success. I had a small entourage helping me shop and put me in dress after dress. They were a huge help. At one point or the other...they all hauled dresses, were on the floor pulling fabric down, brushing away tears, or giving a pep talk. :) They were ALL life saviors!! I recommend every bride having a shopping support system.
The event was a good time-They had the dinner tables set up like tables you would see at a wedding reception. This particular table was black and green and those are my wedding colors. Which will look nothing like this...but I enjoyed each table.
We also got to see a fashion show and enjoy a great dinner. After dinner they let us go fight each other for the perfect dress. Because we went to the VIP portion, there were only like 15 brides and thousands of dresses. One was even a Vera Wang. Doesn't every girl dream of owning a Vera Wang? I was NOT going to own it, but I got a picture snapped while I was in it...check it out below. Wearing it in real life did not feel like it did in my dreams. HA. It make me look and feel about 2 miles wide and it was like carrying a line backer. (It was SOOO heavy)
I tried on so many, but just didn't find the one. I was very disappointed, because I wanted the money for my dress to go to the cause. But I couldn't even fake it to make it. Even though I didn't leave with a dress, the event raised $35,000 between dresses and VIP tickets. So I helped in a little way.

Saturday morning early we hit the ground running. I promised I tried every style and one of all prices. ;) But none just tickled my fancy. I requested to return to a store that I KNEW carried a dress I had tried on weeks before when I went "research shopping" (shopping before my mom arrived). I just couldn't get that dress out of my head. No other dress made me feel like that dress did. So my entourage made some calls and found a local store that had it. AHHHH!!! At the sister Jill was in the dressing room with me. I said, "Is everyone going to be mad at me if I pick the first dress I tried on two weeks and about 175 dresses ago?" She assured me that they would not. So I proceeded to walk out and announce that we had found THE ONE!!!
After I found the dress...
.....and a well deserved drink to celebrate the purchase.

That's to Mom, Vicki, AJ, DV, and Autumn for putting me in countless dresses, driving all over the area, and being such great shopping support!

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