Thursday, April 1, 2010

This may be one of those things...

I realize this may just be one of those things that may only be funny to Justin and I. However, I think it is worth sharing. Who knows, you may just laugh.

The following video makes us laugh. We often watch it and quote it in our house. And when we quote it....we say it in the little lad like voice. Please watch the video, it will help you to understand:

There is a story behind me posting this, I promise. Yesterday morning I am getting ready for work. I am NOT a morning person and my other half gets up and around in the morning making breakfast and being productive. I hear him in the pantry getting out the new box of cereal that I purchased. It is the Special K berries and yogurt (cream if you will).


I heard Justin say, (in the little lad voice) "Berries and Cream!!!!"

HAHAHAHAH and that is why I love him. He makes me laugh.
The kick at the end of the video gets us every time. You think the little lad is finished and then comes the high kick.


  1. omg...i just died!!! that is hilarious! i can only imagine how outrageous it was when justin quoted it!

  2. yes, the high kick did it for me!