Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wedding Update

100 days until the big day!
Can you believe it?
Because it is 100 days away I have some time, but I still have a number of things I need to decide on and purchase. I would love to hear about what YOU did or what you wish you had done differently.
1. Did you where heals or flats?
I need to decide this because of having my dress fitted Saturday. That's soon, so help
2. Did you wear your hair up or down? Did you have something in it like a flower or a broach?
Decisions! Decisions!


  1. I already tried to post this... don't think it worked. So, at the risk of this posting twice:

    Check these out... they're the shoes that Katie wore on Saturday. They are fabulous and they say "I DO" on the bottom!! They are a little tall though and I wouldn't want you to break your neck! :)

  2. I have a complaint... I don't like that you have to approve a comment before it can be posted. Can we consider changing that? Or do you get a lot of inappropriate comments? ;)

  3. I wore heels. I heart heels, but honestly if you plan on doing a lot of dancing and greeting your guests at the reception it is probably wiser to wear flats. I always do that to myself!!

    I wore my hair up. And am still really glad I did. I think it was a lot easier to maintain great looking hair on my special day with a beautiful up do.

    Good luck with all your planning and preparation. It is so worth it! It will be one of the best days of your life!

  4. I wore wedges, which might sound a little tacky for a wedding, but let me assure you that they were not. I wanted that extra height and pretty feeling from wearing heels but the comfort of flats. Perfect compromise.

    I also went with hair up, mostly for the simplicity of it. Me being the beauty-challenged girl that I am, it was much easier for me to have someone put it up and then not have to worry about it the rest of the day.

  5. I wore J.Crew ballet slippers. I love them because I can wear them again! I was waay to practical a bride though! I'm even thinking about cutting off my dress and dying it black just to get some more wear out of it. ha!

  6. I went with really high heels because well...heels are me and I'm vertically challenged. I honestly went with them for the picture factor and think I may have 2 pictures of them out the 100's that we have!

    And hair...I had spend so much time growing mine out and I wore it up which I semi-regret. It stays better and looks elegant though. Go on facebook and check out the new updo under Katherine Grant Salon and Spa that Kat did- FABULOUS! I love the feather in it too!

  7. I say be comfortable in your shoes! I didn't want my feet to hurt and me to remember my wedding with my feet killing me. For your hair... Do you want to look like you do normally or more like yourself then down/half-up but if you want to look different that your everyday do, then I say up! Once again, do what you are comfortable with bc you will have to look at the pics for the rest of your life! HA! :) Miss you!

  8. I would have looked like a child bride without heels so that was a no brainer for me ;) I think the top of your dress can kind of help dictate how you wear your hair, and a sparkly little brooch would be sooo pretty! Oh this is just so exciting!!