Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Welcome Visitors....

A few weeks back Justin's sister Jen planned a last minute vacation before the kids went back to school. I was so pumped to hear they had decided to come to North Carolina! They went to the Biltmore House before making it to our house....all 6 of them. If you remember, Jen brought Stephanie and Peter back in March, but Greg, Abigail and Gretchen got left at home. We were excited to have the entire family here at once and Peter was excited about showing everyone around our house. :)
We did a few fun things while they were here. One of which was a baseball game and the other was visiting the local ice cream shop that has HOMEMADE ice cream and FREE testers. (AMAZING!!) Take a look at some of the pictures I got of the kids.

Stephanie's food pictures. She is the most fascinating little girl! She is the littlest thing and has the appetite of a 12 year old. I mean really, look at that grilled is as big as she is.

Peter at the game. Peter fits in with his Uncle Justin and Grandfather when it comes to baseball. He really seemed to enjoy himself at the game...but could you not with that view??

Stephanie, Gretchen, and Abigail at the game!!

Group shot at Sunni Sky's on the swing.

Another group shot by the giant ice cream trashcan. Please look at Peter!!!! He did this with NO coaching. I thought it was hilarious.

I think it was a pretty successful visit. We had good family time, adult time, fun time and all went well. We love having guests, especially family!

Thanks for coming to visit us Wanings! We can't wait to see you in a few months. :)


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