Monday, August 24, 2009

Lucy gets an A++

A little background: Lucy stays in her crate while we are away. She has a very large crate and has enough room to maneuver, but it isn't the same as being free range in the house. She had been given an opportunity to show that she was mature enough to stay out in the house about a year back....and she tore up multiple things. So she has been grounded for the past year.

We felt like it was time to see if the Luc had learned her lesson. We started off by leaving her out for short when we were gone to friends houses, church, the grocery and such. She seemed to do really well. Then we ventured to ENTIRE DAYS!!! She has been doing GREAT!!!! We are so proud of her and feel like we are better parents because she has access to her toys and her food. (neither I think she touches during the day...but I feel better!)

I'm a proud parent....I just had to gloat!!!

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