Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today is ANOTHER Birthday!!

Today is my oldest sister LeAnn's 34th birthday! She is the oldest out of the four of us and I am the youngest. There are 11 years between her and I.....so you can imagine....she is like another mother to me.
I remember the day she "left me". Not like on the side of the street or anything...just to go to college. It wasn't like she went to another state, she only went 40 minutes away. But I remember her telling me goodbye in the Wendy's parking lot when I was 7 years old. It was REALLY traumatic for this seven year old who slept with her sister in a day bed for MAAAAANY nights. She says I owe her for taking care of me for so many years. :)

This is me paying her back. I'm at the ball field on a rainy day to watch my nephews. :)

I owe her for WAAAAY more than that. I owe her for all the ball tournaments she traveled to, all the dance recitals, basketball camps and games, birthdays, homecomings, rides, night after graduation, Tiger Tunes shows, bang poofs, shopping trips, secrets and the ones she told....she always knows what is best...even if I don't!!!
My 19th birthday and LOTS of cries all mixed into one night...the perfect night to have your sister by your side.

I like this one sis!! An Easter Sunday....

A night out...

TIGER TUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!

She really is the best. I miss her every single day. And that my friends is impressive...we talk most days...multiple times a day. HA But I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you sister.


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