Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Week!!

Happy Birthday week Jill and Vicki!!!!!!!!
Here is a little back ground. Jill left for school after high school and stayed away for 10 years while she got all three of her degrees. I'll brag on her a little because she worked really hard and finished with her PhD. She always had that as a goal and did whatever she had to do to get there. While finishing at the UofA she met Vicki. Whoop!Whoop!They eventually moved to North Carolina after Jill graduated and have been here for two almost three years now. I find it very cool and that out of allllllll 50 states that I ended up in NC too and only a few minutes away from the two of them. They are the best. I have mentioned it before, but they are always watching out for me, inviting me to fun things, and don't invade my space all at the same time. :)
Over the last year we have gotten to do a lot of fun things....often times I am camera-less. :( We got to experience Beer Fest, kayaking on the lake and bird watching, talks around the fire, geocaching, many dinners, Pride, dog shows, concerts, the beach trip, and many other things that I am forgetting......but they were all a blast and things I may not have thought to do!!! I have a list a mile long of things I want them to expose me to: camping/hiking, white water rafting (I have been, but I want to go with them), and BINGO night.Us at the Willie Nelson, John Mellancamp, Bob Dylan concert

Group Shot....This is the usual crew.....I heart them...even Marble and Big White Dog.

Jill and I then...... ........and now!!

GOAL: to step up our individual picture taking, and do a better job of documenting our time together!!!!!! Looks like we should go to BINGO I can get started

I really am glad the two of you live near me. After 1o years of Jill being gone, it is so nice to get to do some fun sisterly things together. I hope the two of you had great birthdays....and continue to celebrate on your wilderness adventure this weekend! I love you!!


  1. Your to do list sounds fun! There is some great camping in Uwharrie National Forrest, Troy, NC. And there is a really cool white water rafting place in Charlotte, NC.
    There are also cool places to raft in the Mtns. of NC.

  2. Thanks sister. The next bingo night is Oct 24 and then again Dec 19th. Maybe we can all go to one or the other. I have pictures of the beerfest and kayaking I can get you copies of.