Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me....I turned 23!

I turned 23 last week. It was a great birthday! I must thank many of YOU for making it great! I received cards, gifts, flowers, dinners, cake, dinners, love, a trip, calls, text and any other form of social media you can imagine. I truly am blessed with the very best friends and family on the planet. Take a look at some of the things I got in the mail....Thank you for all the love. It means SO much!

Jill and Vickie hosted a fine dinner party for me. Complete with Robin and D, and my favorite "yellow dinner". Yellow dinner includes: mac and cheese (the blue box), fish sticks, Jiffy corn bread, creamed corn and yellow cake with chocolate icing (out of the box). I promise Jill offered to make ANYTHING I wanted or to even go out....but this is what I wanted. It reminds me of my childhood and it NEVER gets old. The evening could not have been any better. Thanks girls for making my real birthday dinner perfect!
The weekend after my birthday we joined our friends Julianne and Andy in CHARLESTON, SC! It is SUCH a fun place. Justin and I called it our "weekend getaway". We picked this place to celebrate my birthday together! Justin got us a really nice hotel room. I was so excited to see the room. Check out our views....
Our view to the left.....Beautiful right???
Aaaaand our view to the right.....
SERIOUSLY? A BASEBALL FIELD? Let me tell you how this went. Just flung open the curtains to see our view and was like..."come look at this!!" So I run over and THIS is what I see. He REALLY wanted to go to the game...or at the very least see the score board...but I'm pretty sure he got the hint that I didn't think that was a very good idea. ;)
We got allll dressed up and headed for appetizers with friends and then out to a local place. This place was too cool. It had tables on the top of this building complete with lights and music, running water and a view to absolutely kill!!!! We loved it so much we stayed for dinner and the remainder of the evening!!
Me and Boyfriend :) Thank you for this wonderful trip, you are the best!
Julianne, Andy, me and Justin. We are SO glad they are back!!!!!! This was also a celebration of Andy's homecoming from Afghanistan and Julianne's visit to Washington. YAY for togetherness!Look who we ran into....Huck!!!! I knew she was in town, so we text back and forth about our plans. We were headed to the same place. How strange is it that we are in South Carolina and we see each other. I loved it. It is always nice to see a familiar face and friend! We took this picture to make our cousins jealous. We miss you KB and Rebecca!!!!
You would think this is MORE than one girl could handle for one birthday. But one week late Julianne and Autumn were set on taking me out! We picked an Indian restaurant in town and totally stuffed ourselves. HA Which made for the perfect girls night. We talked about allllll kinds of things....and it was perfect. Thank you girls for being willing to take me out. You both are precious friends!!! (3 bloggers and no camera....we stink)

I'm telling you it was an AMAZING birthday. I expected nothing and got all of this. :)

I am one lucky girl!!! Thank you again!!


  1. I hope you had a Happy Birthday! Looks like you had fun! Ginger

  2. you are too funny!!! i have a candle at home that i love and it smells a little like guy's cologne...do you know one that smells anything like that?????

    i am looking at the $30 full sized warmer...is that the size i need or is that some sort of HUGE one?!

  3. I have 4 of those now. Those are ones you will set on a shelf, table, etc. I also have 3 little ones...maybe $15.00 ones? Those are the ones I have in bathrooms and in the kitchen. It really depends on where you want it. But you really need both. ;)

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment and it always thrills me to see someone from OBU!!!
    I'm eating lunch with Jennifer J. tomorrow - I'm so excited to meet her in person! And you probably know Julee Turner too? Eating with both of them!