Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Boyfriend!!

Today is Justin's (Often referred to as "Boyfriend") 29th Birthday. That number seems old, but I spend time with him every day and it seems like he should be 17.

The past few years Justin's birthday has been hit or miss with of us is usually traveling because of the holidays and we have to celebrate early or never and both are just over rated. BUT....this year.....we get to spend 5 entire days together at the BEACH! OMG-right? We could not be more excited or more ready for rest and relaxation. Be looking for a blog about our trip!

You know I love I am going to list why I love Justin....
  1. He makes me laugh everyday. I think if we had a hidden camera on us....most people would think we were childish, yet really really funny.
  2. He totally takes care of me. Big things or small things....he is always willing to help.
  3. He is not a worrier. I on the other hand sweat worry. It is really nice to have a level headed thinker in our home. Otherwise we would be in shambles.
  4. He likes and is a great cook. I struggle with this from time to time. I mess up the simplest dinners....and he just laughs, wipes my tears, and fixes and finishes what I have messed up.
  5. He is the hardest worker I know. His work is never complete, he could always work longer or harder to get to where he wants to be. This often annoys me, but deep.....I mean DEEP down...I am grateful that he has goals and that he is willing to work himself tired to get where he wants to be. I know one day all his hard work will pay off. I hope we can start with a winning 2010 season. :)
  6. He loves Jesus. I always wanted to be in a relationship and marry a Godly man. Justin is that person. He is encouraging, and supportive and often challenging my walk with Christ. I can honestly saw he is a Godly leader and I am glad he is leading our home.
  7. He is a giver not a taker. He would honestly rather me have something that I want or think that I need before he gets anything! He has a HUGE heart....and I hope it rubs off on me.
  8. He loves me when I am not so lovable. (I know some of you are shocked, that I can be...not so lovable) I can be mean, and hateful, and sometimes just hard to deal with....BUT he doesn't hold it against me....which really plays in my favor. :)
  9. He is very intentional about communicating. It often gets on my ever lasting nerves, but once things are out on the table, I am SO glad he MADE me talk to him. It always turns out better after we have talked.
  10. He has a shoe fetish too and I'll never have to worry about buying a pair of shoes and him being upset. :)

With all of those things said....I think I'll keep him. :)

I love you and I hope you have a Happy 29th Birthday!!

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