Thursday, January 7, 2010

South of the Border

On the border of North and South Carolina there is a place called "South of the Border". Hundreds of miles from either side of the border you start seeing advertisements for this 100+ billboards. It is fascinating. It sucks you in. Just seeing the signs makes you want to go to this place. We have passed it multiple times going on little trips and I always beg to stop. Of course Justin thinks that my begging is completely ridiculous and doesn't see my need to go to "South of the Border".....but back in November on our trip home from the beach, he caved! I just felt like this place was picture/blog worthy. Take a look at how creepy this place is....

LOOK at this sombrero tower in the middle of North and South Carolina....WHAT? It just makes me laugh.

Creepy motel on the grounds. Looks like something out of a horror flick...

EVERYTHING was shaped like a sombrero....

They call this guy Pedro on all the billboards. There were about as many Pedro statues as billboards, I kid you not.

These animal statues were all over the property. This particular zebra was purple.

And this pictures made us laugh....the Pedro's cleaning Pedro! :)

All of these pictures were taking from INSIDE the car. Justin took the exit but would have no part of us getting out at this place. This little town is a mystery. I have done a little research on this place...I want to know who is buying these signs and roller coasters. Let me hear form you North Carolinians, what is South of the Border all about?


  1. Hmmm...this is interesting! I am googling it right now!