Friday, January 15, 2010

Buy a the tatas!!

Buying dresses is not a new thing in my house. I have multiple formal dresses from one occasion or the other, but buying my wedding dress is the biggest and most important purchase of them all. The old dresses are all stored at my parents, most of them I can no longer get into, and they helped no one. My thought was, what a waste!!

Months back, a co-worker told me about a wonderful cause! It is called Brides Against Breast Cancer. In America 1 woman every 12 minutes dies and 5 are diagnosed with breast cancer. WOW! That could be my mom, sister, friend, or me. When I heard about Brides Against Breast Cancer, I knew I wanted to participate. I starting looking for their local shows, figuring out how it all worked.

Designers donate their dresses to the cause. The 500-1000 dresses are sold at a discounted rate....the bride goes home with a dress and the money goes to help someone else. I love it!

The good news is there is a show here in North Carolina near me! My mom is flying out and we are going to the VIP show.

I am currently working on my entourage. We are going to be super organized in our shopping efforts and we will be leaving with a dress. Not just any dress....a discounted dress....for a good cause!

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  1. So excited for you! Glad one of their shows works out for you!