Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm sure like many of you... we are experiencing some winter weather. I gladly had Friday off, so Justin and I had lunch and made a list of additional goods we wanted to make sure we had. I could not be THAT person running into the grocery buying milk and bread. So I added toilet paper to the list, that is 1 thing I do NOT want to get snowed in without. :) Justin got home just before the sleet started. I had a huge pot of chili going, so we settled in and got warm!

OH WAIT!!!!!!

We don't have wine or oreos? How will we ever survive in this winter storm? So before it got bad, we made a second last minute trip to the store. This is one thing I love about Justin...he is always up for purchasing randomness at the store. On a normal day it frustrates me that he buys junk and things we do not need. But sometimes it is cute and I love him for his randomness! We left the store with: wine, lemon drops, oreos, tomato past, beer, gummy worms, and butter cookies. HAHAHAH that list just makes me laugh. So we were officially set and ready for the winter weather.

This morning we woke up to SNOW/ICE whatever you want to call it! We took the puppies out and to evaluate the situation. Take a look.......

This is Sam Stewart. He is staying with us for awhile. His Dad is in Haiti and his Mom and brothers went to visit family in Washington. We are enjoying this guy, he brings calmness to our little girl, Luc!

Here is the Luc. She loved it outside....I had a hard time getting her to stay still to take a picture. She loved eating the snow!!

Next is our little mansion in the country. I love our little house. I think it is just precious in the snow. :) We are very blessed! Family picture time.... With a dog that hates to be held and a fiance that hates pictures. But they are such great sports!

And there goes my work! 19 days until opening day, they cannot stand to not be doing something! It takes him 15 minutes to get to work on a good it took him 40. I just pray that those boys make to campus okay and that those crazy coaches make it home okay.

I hope you all are staying warm and staying home! Enjoy being snowed in and relaxing with the ones you love.

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