Sunday, January 24, 2010

I want your help...

Today we are headed to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond to finish up our registry! I thought it would be fun to hear your opinions!
Please leave me a comment (here, facebook, or email) and tell me....
  1. What are you so glad you registered for
  2. What you got and don't use
  3. What did you forget to register for and ended up buying

I can't wait to hear what you guys say! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. Registering was such a fun time for us! The things I was most glad we registered for (apart from dishes, flatware, everyday stuff, etc.) were extra sheets and towels for our guests. They have gotten a lot of use since we live away from our family!

    What we got and don't use much would be our crystal and china. Although, I am still SOOOO very glad we got it!

    I can't think of anything we forgot to register for, but I DO wish we would have registered for Christmas China. Just another thing to have NOW and to not use much until LATER :)

    Going to look at your registry now :)

  2. We registered at Dillards, BBB, Walmart and Kelzek. And we got the MOST from Dillards. Some people hate to give practical things like silverware so just be prepared to buy those. Extra sheets are a great thing like she said. I didn't get any of those. You want to get your china even though it may be a while before you really use it. I just knew I would never want to buy it later in life!

    And I loved getting holiday stuff. You will want to decorate your house and then will have to go buy stuff for each holiday.

    Register for a Dyson vaccum cleaner and pray someone gets it for you! I didn't register for one but got one last summer and its one of the loves of my life! :)

    Have Justin register for tools and yard stuff so that you don't have to buy that either!

    Hope that helps! If I can think of anything else I will comment again! Miss you! And can't wait to keep up with wedding plans on here!

  3. we loved registering for things!!! we registered at a boutique in Tyler, Dillards, Pottery Barn, and Target.

    One thing that I actually NEVER use is my KitchenAid standing mixer!! I was really obsessed about getting it and i am SO intimidated by it!'s SO heavy!!!

    Something to be prepared to buy...some pieces of your bedding, we didn't get all of we had to go pick up the extra pieces!

    Register for a good vacuum...and anything else that you wouldn't normally buy yourself!

    Hope that helps!!! Enjoy this time!!

  4. I did not like registering, but we did it and got almost everything! We registered at Belk (china and crystal), Bed Bath and Beyond (kitchen appliances), and Crate & Barrel (everyday china and decorative/entertaining pieces).

    1. Tie between my Cuisinart griddler and Cuisinart stand mixer...I love mine and use it at least once a week...but maybe we are eating too many cookies these days!

    2. I took most of these things back and finished out my china and crystal (is that bad??)

    3. Mini-muffin pan and I bought if for myself. Two others I wish I had registered for but I will have to wait to get them as a gift: Le Creuset Round French Oven and Cast Iron skillet.

    Have fun and enjoy registering!!

    PS. people loved getting things from our BBB registry because a) there is usually one in every town and b) they can use a coupon! ha

  5. We registered at Dillards mainly and then a local store in Minden. We got sooooooo many dishes and silverware but we didn't get things like a Kitchen Aid mixer and other bigger gifts and appliances. Since they are more expensive, it might be a good gift for several family members to go in together and buy for y'all! Don't forget linens - towels, washcloths, sheets, extra pillowcases, dustruffle, shams, etc!

  6. Congratulations on your engagement Lindsey! I am so happy for you and Justin!

    Chris and I registered at Ross Simons, Belk, and Walmart. I'm glad I registered for pretty table linens. Once we got our formal china and everyday china, it was nice to be able to set it up when people came over. I think we've used everything we got. (it's been 9 years, so I can't really remember... :) One thing we did buy that I wish we had registered for was a nice knife set. They seemed so expensive, when I really wanted other things instead, but I had to buy one later on.

    Have fun through this whole process! Sometimes I wish I could get married again (to Chris of course) just to be able to plan another wedding!