Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Momma!

This is my mom. Lookin' good for a 58 year old. Hott Mamma!
(She is going to kill me)
So now on to more serious things. My mom is a teacher and she has been for 30+ years. She always said that she would retire when I got out of college, and she is still there, and going strong. She is a fabulous teacher. She isn't stuck in here old ways, she spends her summer going to workshops to get better, well when she isn't in the pool!! She is that teacher that truly cares about her kids. Funny story....more than one time in my life my jackets would disappear. Year after year I would get a new coats, so the collection grew. I would see one piled up on the kitchen table....and be like what are you doing with my coat? She would say...oh this little girl at school really needs it. Which is totally fine with me! I think my Dad has decided it is cheaper to give them our coats than to bring them all home. :) I did my best to be a little liar. To look my mom in the face and lie. But I couldn't, I would come home, sit on my bed and tell her EVERYTHING!!! She said I had "diarrhea of the mouth". When I sat down, I had zero intentions of telling her the details, but by the end of the conversation....she knew all the juicy goods. Looking back, I'm glad.
The #1 thing me and my mom love to do together is SHOP!!! We use to go every Sunday! A small shopping trip for us is the afternoon. It is nothing for us to be gone all day, everyday for an entire weekend. It's always great fun! My mom was like super mom while we were growing up. I was in dance, gymnastics, played softball, was in church activities, basketball, school activities, you name it...I did it. She ran us from one practice to the other, fed us in between, and made sure we had all the right stuff to do whatever it was we were doing. And some how I passed school. Whew!
You did a great job mom. I know it was a lot...but I loved it!
I wore her out!! :) 23 three years of being my mother she deserves to shut her eyes! :)
This last picture is of my mom, me and my mom's best friend DV. DV and my mom met in college, live 8 hours apart, see each other at least once a month and on most holidays, and act like sisters! They are coming to visit me in 9 days to go wedding dress shopping. I could not be more excited. I am excited they are coming to North Carolina, where I live...to see my house, to meet my fun friends, to visit my church, AND to pick out my wedding dress. It is something all moms and daughters dream about! I am very blessed to have a mom to experience this entire process with. She even has a notebook. :)
Happy Birthday Mom! I cannot wait to see you!

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