Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last night the weather man was predicting SNOW in our area. They said 2-6 inches depending on your area. We had six inches when we went out this morning and the snow hasn't let up. It is beautiful! Campbell called off classes, so Justin didn't have to go in. I had to take a day off, but it is totally worth it. I have a long drive and it is just dangerous. Not because I don't trust myself driving in snow. But I don't trust everyone else driving in snow. I figured my chances of dying dramatically increased today on the interstates in North Carolina. We went out to play with Lucy this morning and took a few pictures. Lucy LOVES the snow. She was out ALL morning. We are enjoying the beautiful scenery and our day at home.

A view of our house from the street....LOTS of snow :)

A view of our back yard from the deck....

This is our first snow day together and in North Carolina. He wasn't happy about being outside, but he did it for me. Something about growing up in Ohio makes you less excited about snow. :)Family Picture.

Luc trying to get that snow off her nose. :)

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