Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Key to Success

I know this might come as a shock to most of you, but from time to time I can be a tad opinionated. Oooops? What I'm going to say today isn't an opinion. It may sounds like it but really it is a fact. It is the key to success.

As you know I graduated with a double major in communications. I spent a lot of time digging in to what communication is and the different ways we use it, but more often than not how we neglect to use it. I'm not tooting my own horn saying that I know everything about communication. But while in my undergraduate classes I began to realize that my major talked about real life stuff. Every major should have to go through a series of speech communication classes. If you have a business degree but you can't communicate effectively what good are you in the business world? If you are in a relationship and can't figure out how to work your way through an argument...where does that lead you. Again I'm not claiming I learned mounds in these classes, I often didn't attend...but what I'm saying is communication is apart of our everyday life and more times than not it is missing in our most valuable relationships.

I grew up in a family that just lived. We didn't talk about what happened. If there was an "issue" somehow just got resolved or it was the elephant in the was never resolved but we never talked about it. That helped shape me in to the person I am. I carry that into my own relationships with Justin, family, friends, and even my job.

Just take a second to make a top 15 list of your most valued relationships. Think about how well you communicate with each person. I do not care how young or old those people are. EVERYONE communicates, just in different way. I challenge you to think about how YOU communicate. Are you a person that bottles it all up in side and explode later? Figure it out. Then figure out how the people closest to you communicate. Instead of assuming they won't understand....push the limits, go out on a limb, and make them talk to you.

That is my challenge to you. This is an everyday challenge for me in my relationship, if Justin didn't MAKE me talk to him sometimes I will just hold it in until it things are way bigger than they should be. Be that person to someone else. I promise they will appreciate you for it and your relationship will be even better!

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