Friday, January 9, 2009

My best friends WEDDING!

2009 will be another year full of weddings. I will have the opportunity to be in two of my best friends weddings. Thank goodness for is a good excuse to come home for a few days and see family and friends!!!
Christmas Eve I got numerous phone calls and text messages from friends and family. Knowing the combination of people I knew something was up. I was missing something big. My life long friend Allison got Engaged. I haven't ever missed a Christmas in Benton and the one year I'm gone....she gets engaged. Although I was sad I missed it, I was thrilled for her and Baxter.

Allison and Baxter right after they got engaged...
I got home from work late last night because I had an event. When I got home Justin handed me a red and green card and said, "Must be a late Christmas card."

This is green...(this picture isn't all that great)I was all confused about who would be sending me a late Christmas card. I opened it up and realized it was from Al!!
Here are a few more pictures of what I found inside.

I was super excited and lets just say "emotionally moved". I am very excited for them and can't wait to be apart of their special day.

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