Friday, January 2, 2009

Lucy A.K.A Lucifer

My friend and big sis Julee gave me another idea for a blog...MY DOG! I'll give you a little background on Lucy and where we are now.
March 2008 my Father found a stray pup during the tornadoes in Saline County. For days he let her sleep in his shop but didn't have the heart to take her to the pound. I being his daughter..CLEARLY a sucker....took her in. She has been with me every step of the way...even made the move to NC. At first being in college having a needy pup was a challenge, but now I cannot imaging my life without her.
Lucy is a mixed breed, that is about 10 months old and full of energy. Being a stray out on the street she provided many obstacles. You would think potty training, but nope. She is a pro...I tell everyone she can hold it for days. Unless she is sick....and that is a completely different story. HA

She was a tad skittish and has a few social issues. I think she was just so unsure of herself...and boy has she gotten passed that!

My #1 priority in finding a place to live was a fence for Luc, she LOVES being outside. There have been times when I had to actually pick her up and carry her in. I think she would live outside if we would let her. But she has an over protective mother and I just can't bare it!

This is part of Luc's yard. We live in the country so she has plenty of room.

Justin and I just went on a Christmas vacation to AR and OH and we could not take Lucy. Although we could have bought a ticket for what we left her in the Kennel for, but it was best for her to stay here! I left her at a place called Green Level Kennels here in Apex, NC. She got 4 half hour play dates a day. She could have all her own toys, food, bed, medicine if needed...also extra "cuddle time". The day I dropped her off I felt so ridiculous...I CRIED!!!! I called every other day while I was gone to check in on her. She did rather well, she played well with other she got to stay with the group and avoided solitary confinement. I felt like such a proud mother. :)
Before picking Lucy up 13 days later Justin and I saw Marley and Me. We totally recommend it but take your tissue. It made me want to get her back and love on her! So as soon as we landed we went and fetched her! I was like a small child about to get a puppy. I could NOT wait to see her! That dog walked out like she didn't even know us. (I'll start calling her Lucifer at this's another name we like to call's all in love) Zero excitement, zero emotion, no jumping...which is strange. We were heartbroken. So what do loving parents do? We head to Petsmart. HAHAHAH We bought a new bed, feeding bowls, and Justin picked her out an enormous bone. Still nothing from Luc. She just looked out the window the entire way home. We even stopped by Arby's for curly fries..which are her favorite! NOTHING!

We got home and she fell asleep in the corner. Then turned in for the night. I was like OMG my dog hates me. But NO she was just exhausted. The next day she was back to her old self and we were so excited.

There is nothing like having a dog in your life. It sounds so lame, but it is so true! I had an afternoon off the other day and so Luc and I had a little play date with the frisbee in the back yard. I took a few pics of her. I hope you enjoy!!

Now that you know Lucy I'll keep you updated on all the good and funny things she does and also all the bad things Lucifer does. :)

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  1. Aww! I was getting so sad when Lucy wasn't acting right. Glad she is back to normal. Romeo misses Lucy! And I miss you! Good thing we get to hang out alot in May! :)