Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm a winner!

This morning I got an email from Nicole over at The Life of a Baseball Wife. She is one of many baseball wives that use that blog to share their stories. Their husbands play at all levels of baseball and they are giving us a glimpse into their life as baseball wives. Because baseball literally runs my life I find such pleasure reading this blog, it reassures me that there are other ladies living a crazy life just like me and doing it really well. A few weeks back Nicole did a giveaway for Daisies in the Mud and I WON!
Even though I don't have kids, I know plenty of people who do and I couldn't pass up a chance at winning something super cute!

I am getting a custom tutu by Daisies in the Mud. One of the coaches on Justin's staff recently had a baby girl. I'll be giving this tutu to baby Kenzie so she is ready for opening day of Campbell Baseball!
Go check out both blogs, I promise you will love what you see!
Thanks Nicole!!!