Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Day of Love....

Valentines Day has often been a sensitive subject and the cause of many arguments in our relationship. God love Justin, he thinks it is a "Hallmark Holiday" and has refused to celebrate it. It took him three years to grasp....if it is important to her....it should be important to me. GOOD NEWS...he has figured it out. Simply pretend that you are going along with this holiday and she will be happy! He did really well. Friday evening he gave me my first gift. NEW SHOES!!!! I was in desperate need of new shoes! Then Saturday he had to go to work....but while he was gone I received two dozen pink roses! They were SO pretty. He did AMAZING.

While he was at work I headed over to Julianne and Andy's house. We were cooking for our dinner party with our small group. Autumn and Bob came over to cook and hangout that afternoon too. Autumn and Julianne attempted to teach me how to cook. The dinner we had was NOT the dinner to learn on, it was rather complex. They were super encouraging and I did what I could to help...like wash dishes and play with the kids. Dinner was AMAZING and we had some good fellowship. Here are some pictures of our evening with our small group.

The table....Julianne and Autumn cooking the goods. YUM!Andy and Justin picking the mood music....Key for any romantic dinner.

Our entire group...love these guys!


  1. I like the new shoes alot!! Glad you had a great Vday!

  2. Yay! So much fun! Can't wait to do it again

  3. Tell Justin I said he is a sucker!!! He needs to stick to his guns :). Avoid VD!

  4. I will not tell Justin that. :) He needs NO encouragement.