Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Welcome to the Circus"

I am fortunate enough to work for a company that gives me tickets to various events. I singed up for the Circus. Seriously who doesn't want to go to the Circus? To answer that....maybe anyone over the age of 12??? I was sitting at the show the entire time thinking, my nephews would LOVE this, but boyfriend...not so much. All week Justin and I talked back and forth about if we had been to the the circus growing up. Justin finally decided he had never been. I had a memory of being at the circus but the only detail I could remember was a tiger cup with a snow cone in it. RANDOM, I know. I thought this would be a fun date night and I am a believer that EVERYONE needs to visit the circus at least once, even if the first time is at age 28. :)
There were parts that were very strange, we didn't catch on to the story line until half way through the show. And there were parts that are puzzling us to this day. The animals were AMAZING, but lead me to googling "Circus Animal Cruelty". The people doing various parts had unbelievable strength and nerve...which was impressive.
We like to have "Reflection Time..." after most events. This give us a moment to express what we thought...I'm pretty sure it started as a joke, but now "Reflection Time" is very important to us. At the end of the show we had a short time of reflection and we decided that the show was interesting, there were parts that were very cool, but we are glad we didn't purchase the tickets. HAHA If you have small children GO TO THE CIRCUS if it comes to town, they will love it.
I took a few pictures-sorry they are so dark The Elephants....My personal favorite.

There are like 5 men on motorcycles in that ball...CRAZY!!!

Lastly, Me and Boyfriend documenting our fabulous evening at the Circus. Now he can say he has been....Mission Accomplished.


  1. I am so glad someone bought Justin that great shirt!! and BTW, tell him he is looking great. P90X is helping one of you????

  2. The Elephants look like they are having an awesome time.....

    I am totally retarded and can't figure out how to follow the blogs even after you showed me. I will have to figure it out again.
    Were you able to get on to mine?