Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Photos at the beach

Our family is spread between two states and we are rarely all together.  There are times when we get together and a husband can't come or a sibling can't come or some situation that keeps us from all being together.  Thankfully the past two years because of mine and my brothers wedding, we have all been together.

This year we thought we would seize the moment and capture a few family photos at the beach while we were all together!  I had seen a family photo that I just loved.  Each family unit had their own color so that you could tell who went with who within the large family.  A young man named Isaac Pitman took our pictures and we were so happy with the few that he has sent us.

 By the way it was so hard to find outfits that matched!
 Such a good looking family!
Maybe we aren't the most athletic looking...but we have a good time! ;)


  1. The pictures are sooooo cute! I love them, and they are so colorful...just perfect!