Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is a Blogger MUST READ!!!

I am writing this to hopefully help you and keep you from making the same mistake that I did.

Last week I noticed all of my pictures were gone. I went back to the very beginning of my blog and where all of my pictures had been there was a placeholder with an "!".  I had been using a new video tool and thought maybe I was out of memory, space, whatever.  I had heard of this before but couldn't understand why I could still create a new post and all my videos were showing up.

I contacted a few friends with blogs running this issue past them and brought it up to a coworker that I like to say is full of "useless knowledge."  He helped me make the connection  between Google+, Picasa, and Blogger.

This is where you want to listen closely...

I recently signed up for Google+.  I noticed that every picture that I had ever posted on my Blogger account had been placed in a Picasa album labeled with my blog name.  I thought...."Well I don't want to start my new profile with all of those I'll DELETE them and start fresh."  This was all from my Google+ account. I didn't make the connection that my Blogger was connected.
I have done research and the consensus is that my pictures cannot be recovered.  I don't seem to be alone.  There are other bloggers who did the same thing and are now picture-less on their blog.  Thankfully I do have my pictures saved and can upload them again.  I was/am heart broken.  When  I originally made the connections, I was sick.  But I immediately knew I had to share this so that none of you had the same experience. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! Thanks for the heads up! I recently signed up for Google+ too, but haven't gone back to it to do anything yet. I'm glad you have copies of the pictures saved, but what a pain and a headache!