Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Traveling Dress and Bridezilla moment #1

As you know I purchased my dress in North Carolina and we are getting married in Arkansas, so my dress had to make the trip home. Naturally, I documented my dresses trip. The day I had to fly out there were storms in the area. So I double bagged my dress to protect the dress from any weather to and from cars and airplanes.

Yes, it went into the bathroom. TMI maybe?

Visited a terminal or two.

I called the Delta customer service line days before my flight and told them I would be traveling with my wedding dress and asked what my options were. (responsible right?) They assured me that I would have no problem, just to notify the flight attendant and my dress could be hung.

Well apparently my flight attendant was having a bad day. Because that is my wedding dress crammed into the smallest overhead bin in the world.

Note Bridezilla moment #1. I looked at her like she was CRAZY! Then notified the girl next to me that they had one hacked off bride on their hands. Whew, I was blowing steam! The kind young lady clearly felt my pain. She helped me move a few bags and lay my dress nicely in the overhead bin. On my connecting flight from Atlanta I had no problems. That flight attendant was having a fine day and offered to hang my dress in the Captain's closet. :)

I finally made it to Arkansas with dress in hand.

There it is, safely in my closet at my parents in Arkansas. Whew, what a little adventure.

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