Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm the newest Hotel in town...would you like to make a reservation?

I complain when I have nothing to blog about and I don't blog when I have things to blog about. We have been so busy. We had 8 people in our house and non stop company for 9 days. We loved every minute of it, but it was exhausting! I'll start with our first round of company and go from there....I told you that Bryan and Rebecca were coming to town. Rebecca and I had planned a number of things to do, so we had an idea of what the week was going to look like. We picked them up on Sunday and went to downtown Apex to a little Pizzeria to catch up. We knew we would have a busy day on Monday because we were going to the BEACH! Justin had to work but I took off to spend the day with our company. We headed out early and Bryan made an AMAZING discover on a billboard...a WINERY!!! We HAD to stop!! We had never been and all of us were curious. We were given a free tour and a free wine tasting.
After our tour and our tasting we had lunch at the Bistro at the winery for lunch, it was the cutest little place!! I feel sure Justin and I will go back some time, it would be a great place for a date! We had to hit the road, Rebecca was getting antsy. Although Bryan and I could have camped out at the winery....we gave in to her and headed towards the beach. My first time at a Carolina Beach...I thought it was really nice...another place I would like to go again.
The sun was out, but it was a little windy. ALMOST the perfect day at the beach. We spent a few hours laying out, taking pictures, and picking up was very relaxing! We really missed Justin...all three of us had moments during the day when we said, "I wish Justin was here!" So we decided to have a moment for Justin....We laughed and laughed about this!!!

We were over the beach and wanted to visit the Aquarium before we left the beach...

After the aquarium we grabbed a good seafood dinner and headed home. The next day we enjoyed watching the Camels play ball...they played ECU and lost by one run. It was a sad end...but one of the best games I have seen them play. The next day Rebecca and I rented was soooooo good!! Then that night we went to a Hurricanes game (hockey) It's a big deal around here, so I wanted them to experience it. After the game boyfriend met us in downtown Raleigh for a little dueling piano action. All in all we really enjoyed having them here with us. We can't wait to see them again!!

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