Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A good date with good friends...

My friend Julianne was kind enough to post pictures from our date night a few weeks back, so I thought I would blog.
We decided to go on one last date as couples.....we are taking a 4 month break from each other, thanks to the Air Force. Andy was deployed on Easter Sunday and Julianne and the boys have gone back to Washington to be with her family while Andy is gone.
The four of us LOVE wings so we went to Raleigh and hit up Wing Cafe, YUM! I think between the four us we had something like 75 wings, that is some kind of serious eating. After dinner we joined the Corn Hole Tournament. The boys went ALL THE WAY....they won us a $25.00 gift card. As for Julianne and I....we entertained ourselves by talking.
It was a great night and we have some pictures to prove it....
I have no idea...they are weird :)
....and that is why they love US!!!

Group photo...I think the one is a framer.

If you would keep Andy in your prayers...also Julianne and their two boys. Justin and I have talked alot about Andy leaving. There has been a war going on for has never directly impacted our lives. We have men and woman fighting for our freedom and our life never changes. Those men/ladies are daddy's, husbands, sons, brothers, wives, moms, sisters...etc and we live our life like nothing is happening. Andy is the first person we really knew to have to be deployed and it makes it more personal, it really makes you understand what is happening and how it impacts not only them but their families. It makes me very thankful and proud all at the same time.

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