Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girls Weekend!

The best cure all is a girls weekend hands down! My best friend Emily is in PT school in LA. This is her last semester and she decided to do her final clinical at Shriner's Hospital in Boston, MA. Talk about a drastic change, she went from sunny LA to a hellish winter in Boston. But she is doing awesome work with children at a very well known burn hospital. I couldn't pass up a trip to visit while she was on my coast line! In the mean time, my college roommate and other best friend, Monica decided to visit at the same time! Perfection, three friends, one location! I have to say we walked a record amount, saw lots of interesting things, but mostly enjoyed each others company!
Check out my little trip...

We met Emily at work right after we landed. I have to say...seeing her in her scrubs made it all real! She has worked very hard to become a Physical Therapist and I know she is going to do great things with her skills, she already is.
I had a "proud friend" moment!

The weekend we were visiting was restaurant week in Boston.
We took advantage and had lots of great food!We thought these potties were hilarious.
They are public bathrooms on street corners. And for a quarter or two, you can use them! ;)One of my favorite things was a beer at cheers. It seemed like a "have to."But my most favorite thing was Fenway Park!
After working for a minor league team and living with a baseball fanatic, I have grown to love and appreciate a baseball stadium. Fenway in particular has a lot of history.
I just think an empty stadium says so much and to see it come to life is almost magical!
I hope to visit many more minor and major league parks, in has been added to the bucket list!

Me on the Green Monster at Fenway, it's one of many famous seats in the stadium!

We also took advantage of the history in Boston. We did the Freedom Trail, it leads you to all the hot spots in Boston...its 3 plus miles of history.
I can't say I like history or 3 plus miles, but I actually enjoyed it!

This is where the Declaration of Independence was read to the public for the first time,
pretty cool I thought. Last but not least, the three of us in a cab. The BEST $30.00 I have EVER spent. Emily is a walker....Monica and I....not so much! We enjoyed every cab ride we got!

Joking aside, we had a wonderful time together! Like I said, a girls weekend is a cure all!
We aren't what we use to be or where we use to be and who knows who or where we will be in the future, but I am so glad to call these girls my friends!

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