Monday, February 14, 2011

PRACTICAL is how we roll!

Over the years my wonderful husband has come around to my need to celebrate Valentines Day! I think he realized that if the wife is happy the life is happy! :)

We have to be the most practical gift givers ever. But we focus on what we want/need and something we won't just go get for ourselves +food! Nothing in our life is complete without food!

Justin and I decided that we would each be responsible to plan a night out! He was in charge of Friday night and he took me to a wonderful restaurant called Peak City Grill. It is located in the historic town we were engaged in. It had a piano player, candle lit tables, and wonderful food. We enjoyed the evening talking about our week and goals for the next year!
Saturday was my night to plan. I chose to take Justin to a little place near our house called Steele Street Cafe. Justin loves live music and they were having an 80's cover band for Valentines day. The place was so precious and tons of fun! After a wonderful meal, we kicked our feet up and enjoyed the tunes! I really enjoyed our time together. It's not often we get hours of time to just talk. Valentines Day is just another day and just an excuse for us to hang out!

We both thought that planning a dinner date was going to be our gifts to each other. But no!
Justin came home with one of these.......
Yep, that's right. Nothing says I love you like an external hard drive! I have been asking for one to back up 6 years of photos that are on my dieing laptop. So he made me very happy!

I returned the favor and gave him these......
That's right, car floor mats. Don't worry I also got his car detailed. He always takes the time to clean my car but never his own and always is talking about his car being dirty. I know he doesn't have the time to do it himself and I realized his car smells like a shoe. He also has no floor mats and it drives me NUTS!!! So he is ready to roll!

Tonight I made breakfast for us with HEART shaped pancakes. They were festive and made me happy. I think Justin appreciated my thought and creativity.
I am already planning green saint Patty's pancakes. :)
It was a wonderful 4 days of celebrating. I always love a good reason to celebrate something, but my goal is to do more fun sweet things, just because!

I'll leave you with the most fun sweet thing in our house, The Luc!

Hope you had a wonderful day!

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  1. Glad you both had a Happy Valentine's! I like the pic. of you in the white turtleneck and your hubby in blue. A really good pic. of you both!