Monday, January 3, 2011

Fairwell to Doggie Heaven

Those of you who read often know I am an animal lover. I have one puppy, Lucy that I talk of often. She lives in NC with me. But back home at my parents I have 4 dogs. Today my parents had to make the hard decision to say fair well to one of our dogs.
She was the oldest at 13 or 14, so old no one really remembers but she was given to me by my parents on Valentines Day when I was in 5th grade. I told them I wanted a little puppy that would stay a puppy forever. So they gave me a Yorkshire terrier and I named her Carmel.
After leaving for college and moving to North Carolina, Carmel was old and "settled in her ways" so she stayed in Arkansas with my parents and their pack of 4. She was the smallest in the pack weighing just 7 lbs and wasn't scared of putting our 165 lb. English mastiff in his place. She ruled the roost and let every guest know it as they came in our house she would greet them with a vicious bark and a little nibble at their ankle. ;)

She was a great dog, a fun dog, and a little pup that we will not be forgotten.
Those of you who are pet lovers, you know the heartache that comes along with putting an animal down.
Say a little prayer for my parents tonight as they have a little extra room on the couch and in the bed.

Also, squeeze that four legged pup at your own home and let them sit on your furniture and bend a few day they won't be around the break them.

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