Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let this be the first of many

The blogging world has sucked me in! I started reading my pledge sister Jennifer's blog months ago she got married then was pregnant. I was so use to seeing her everyday at school, then at least once a week at church, then NEVER! Reading her blog was a good way to watch her grow.
Then I started noticing more and more people I knew that had blogs. It is such a fun way to keep in touch with the people you care about. My sister got sucked in a few weeks back and she has been posting pictures and keeping me in the loop with the crazy life of the Ramsey's. I'm going to try and do the same with this blog.

Let me update you on what has been happening in my life. I finished my four years at Ouachita Baptist University this past summer. I finished with a double major in Mass Communication and Speech Communication.

The teacher I owe it all too, Ms. Debbie Burton

Early August I moved to North Carolina. Drastic I know! I dated Justin Haire while attending OBU, where he coached Baseball. My senior year he took a division one job in North Carolina. I followed a year later after getting a job with a minor league baseball team, I do sales for them (yes it is a year around job) and absolutely love it! I love the job and the people I work with.

This is work.......

We have gotten settled at a church here in Lillington called Crossroads that we love. We have met some awesome people through our church and feel very blessed to be at Crossroads and in North Carolina. Got a house too. It's super cute and I'll post pictures very soon.
I live a very boring life and I am okay with it. I'm going to enjoy it because I know one day I'll be running around crazy. I look at my sister running after my nephews...12 soccer games a week, practice, church, school stuff....it's never ending. I'm just going to relax and walk my dog. :)

So consider yourself up to speed with me. I'll post again very soon about graduation, our Christmas travels and our New Years resolutions!


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  2. YEA! I am so glad I ropped you in.

  3. Glad you joined he club! Miss you little sis!

  4. I'm so glad you got sucked in and that I played a small part in that! Now I can keep up with you! Miss you lots! I wish we would have been in Benton at the same time so that I could have seen you!

  5. YAY! I am so glad you are blogging. I missed you at Christmas...The Clan wasn't the same without you!

  6. I didn't help shape you? ;-(